Exit interview

Job title:  


What is your primary reason for leaving your role?  
What triggered your decision to leave?  
What did you most enjoy about your job?  
What did you least enjoy about your job?  
How would you describe your relationship with your line manager?  
How would you describe the support you received in your role?  
How satisfied were your with the Company performance review process?  
How well did the Company help you reach your work goals?  
How would you describe the training you received to help you in your job?  
What advice would you give us when we look for your replacement?  
What would you suggest we do to make the work environment better here?  
Were there any company policies or procedures that hindered your ability to perform in this role?  
How happy were you with the company pay and benefits in place?  
Would you work again for this Company?  
Would you recommend this Company?  
What could the organisation do to encourage you to stay?  
Any other comments?  


Signed (employee):