Coronavirus (COVID-19) example procedure


Employees who may be at risk

Should a colleague present in the premises with diagnosed coronavirus (COVID-19) or suspected coronavirus (COVID-19), ensure they are isolated as quickly as possible and advise to get further details from the 111 website.

Employees that suspect they may be at risk of coronavirus should not attend work until they have gained advice from the 111 website and spoken to their manager.

They should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital without instruction from the 111 website.

Information on who may be at risk can be found on the government’s and NHS’s website which is updated daily.

Should a colleague present with diagnosed coronavirus (COVID-19) or suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) a meeting of the following will be arranged as quickly as possible:

The purpose of the meeting will be to review the risk and make decisions on how to address the situation.

Health authorities may take very directive actions in the case of any outbreak in which we are involved, so our plan will be fluid and reactive to the needs of any externally imposed instructions or restrictions.

Section 1 outlines key questions to cover and potential actions to consider which will help generate an action plan.

Section 2 provides contact details for all relevant persons.

Section 1 - Coronavirus assessment meeting notes and action plan

Key details



Who was present at the meeting?:

Date/time of meeting:

How were you notified of this incident?

Current point of contact with colleague:

Details of incident including where the colleague is, is it suspected/ testing/confirmed, etc.

Also, what circumstances it’s arisen from i.e. travelled to an affected area, exposed during work or personal time, etc


Further things to consider

Potential actions to consider include:

Action Plan





Section 2 – Key contacts




Contact details: