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Absence control guide

This guide covers both managing long and short-term sickness and tries to uncover the real reasons why people are absent from work. It will help you develop an action plan based upon:

  • having the difficult conversation with an employee when they return to work
  • looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees developing an overall approach to absence by linking attendance to job design, good employment relations, health and safety, flexible working and effective disciplinary procedures.

Agreement to allow anticipation of annual leave

Use this document to record where an agremeent has been made with an employee to allow them to anticipate a number of days leave from the next holiday year.

Annual holiday request form

Invite to Long-Term Absence Review Meeting

Leave request form (not holiday)

Medical report consent form

Medical report letter to GP

Medical report request to employee

Used where an employee has been on a long period of sick absence, so that the employer can explain what steps they are now taking to help the employee back to fitness to work. The letter explains that the employer wishes to write to the employees GP for guidance on their expected return to work and what adjustments (if any) they need to make.

Poor attendance caution letter

Return to work interview form

Used as part of good absence policy, this form is used to record a brief interview with an employee returning from any period of sick absence to suggest ways in which the employer can help, or if the employee needs any support.

Sympathy letter (accident)

Sympathy letter (employee in hospital)

Sympathy letter - employee in hospital

Sympathy letter - illness

Termination of employment after long term sickness

This action should only be taken once all other options have been explored, medical information has been sought (via Occupational Health and/or the employees GP), and medical assessments support this outcome

Unauthorised absence first letter

Unauthorised absence second letter

Unauthorised absence third letter

Weekly timesheet