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Management document package

Employee Communication document library

4 templates

Communicating with your employees is central to managing your workforce.

Poor communication can result in misunderstandings and mistrust. Introducing proper procedures for informing and consulting with your employees can take time and money but you will benefit from improved products, productivity and competitiveness.

🗎 Meeting agenda form template ➜

Complete and send this to all meeting attendees ideally a week before the meeting takes place.

🗎 New employee announcement form template ➜

Use this document to inform the company of a new arrival, including who they will report to, and a little of their recent history.

🗋 Outcome of facilitation meeting letter template ➜

Use this letter to confirm the outcome of a facilitation exercise between two employees who's work relationship has declined.

🗎 Suggestion scheme memo form template ➜

 Use this memo to introduce a suggestion scheme with written submissions, or via suggestion boxes.