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Performance appraisal document library

3 templates

Performance appraisal explained

A performance appraisal ('annual review', 'performance (development) review' or 'evaluation') is the regular review of an employee's performance.

An appraisal should reflect the employee’s job, their key responsibilities, their wider participation within the team and their overall contribution (or expected contribution) to company-wide business objectives.

Appraisals should focus on performance and personal development with specific areas for employees and employers to concentrate their efforts on above and beyond the day-to-day environment.

What's included in this library?

These model documents can be used to assess an employees overall performance against objectives, and highlight areas for development. They can also help identify areas of commendation.

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Commendation letter template

This letter is used after a good overall Performance Development Review, to thank the appraisee for the work they have done during the period.

Performance appraisal form template

A regular performance appraisal or performance development review is important to keep track on the employee in terms of tehir performance against objectives or other standards, and to maintain their development.

Performance appraisal managers checklist form template

This document is a quick checklist for an appraiser and what they need to do in practice to make a Performance Development Review a success.

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