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Management document package

Health and Safety document library

5 templates

It is the duty of care of every employer to maintain the health and safety of each employee. 

What's included in this library?

H&S crosses over with HR frequently, and this section contains templates to support health and safety management.

🗎 Individual stress risk assessment form template ➜

This risk assessment can be used to support discussions with individuals or teams to identify and review pressures and consider if these are a source of stress.

🗎 Lone working risk assessment form template ➜

Individuals are alone at work when they are on their own, they cannot be seen or heard by another worker, cannot expect a visit from another worker for some time and/or where assistance is not readily available when needed.

🗎 Medical declaration form template ➜

You may wish for new employees (including those changing roles) to complete a medical declaration form prior to commencing employment.

🗎 PPE issue record form template ➜

A model ppe issue record form template to issue in line with best practice, containing clear and effective wording, which is easy to edit.

🗎 Young person risk assessment form template ➜

Under health and safety law, you mush assess the risks to young people under 18 years old, before they start work / work experience and tell them what the risks are.