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Tue, 27 Jul 21 | Benefits & Reward

What are Different Types of Golf Course Awnings?

Golf is among the few sports that do not have a defined play area, which means that you can play this game anywhere if you have a hole, a teeing surface, a club, and a ball...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Young workers isolated & overworked

UK bosses are being warned to double-down on their support for young, entry-level employees after new research from Advanced reveals that 18-24 year olds are feeling isolated, overworked and underappreciated at work during the pandemic...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Employers’ Liability and easing of pandemic restrictions

The lifting of COVID restrictions across the whole of the UK is progressing and from 19th July we saw these removed for businesses in England, meaning the legal obligation for home working ends for most people...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Over one third of online shoppers will only associate with responsible brands

More than one third (35 per cent) of online shoppers in the UK will only associate with ‘responsible’ brands – including those that treat staff fairly, source goods ethically, and do not misuse consumer data...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Living abroad in a post-COVID world: 75 percent of expats are confident about continuing with their way of life

Confidence high for expats in regions where COVID-19 deaths have remained low...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Delivering strong leadership for a fast-growth business

Janette Martin, CEO of 360 Resourcing Businesses have faced several unknowns over the last 18 months, highlighting the importance of strong leadership to support and guide teams, especially when the ease of face-to-face interaction was stripped away so suddenly...

Tue, 27 Jul 21 | HR News

Encouraging women into tech roles should be a priority for business

Increasing the number of women in digital jobs is an urgent priority to ensure the diverse mix of skills the tech industry needs to benefit society and the economy – according to the latest book to be published by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT...

Mon, 26 Jul 21 | HR News

5 ways corporate social responsibility benefits your business

For any business, being in existence nowadays is more than just making money...

Mon, 26 Jul 21 | HR News

10 things you can do to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life

Single-use plastic products, defined as those that are intended to be used just once or for a short period of time before being disposed of, are a big concern in industrialised nations due to their negative environmental impact...

Mon, 26 Jul 21 | HR News

6 advantages of applying an employee benefits scheme for your company

Many companies are beginning to understand the place of employee wellbeing in the office...

Mon, 26 Jul 21 | HR News

Lust & Litigation – What happens when you mix business and pleasure in the workplace?

What’s your policy on office relationships? The news has been awash in recent weeks reporting on a high-profile romantic relationship in public office, albeit extra-marital, between two work colleagues...

Mon, 26 Jul 21 | HR News

Professionals dreading handshakes on return to work

A new piece of research from Premier Inn has delved into how workers are feeling about returning to the workplace, and discovered that there is plenty of concern even around the first hurdle – how to greet people face to face again...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

Benefits To Working From Home Continuing Post-Covid

Over the past 18 months, the entire world has been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has ensured that we have had to change how we have lived our lives dramatically to prevent the spread of the virus...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

The rise and benefits of coworking spaces

In the past several years, with the rising price of real estate and a growing number of freelancers and new entrepreneurs, most companies no longer require their employees to be linked to a specific workplace...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | GDPR

GDPR three years on: What do businesses REALLY know?

Since 2018, all companies in the UK that store or process personal information about UK and EU citizens must comply with the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires them to have an effective, documented, auditable process in place for the collection, storage and destruction of personal information...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

What to Look for When Hiring Temporary Employees

Whenever finding temporary staffing is the order of the day at the office, it helps to know what to look for when putting together a shortlist of candidates...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

145 percent spike in counselling needs as lockdown eases

Employers may think that the easing of lockdown will result in an improvement in mental health, but figures released today by Towergate Health & Protection suggest that employees may be in greater need of support than ever...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

The older you get, the harder you work

A new study of more than 350,000 UK shift workers shows that older workers put in more shifts and work longer hours than their younger colleagues...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

Research finds employers will increase your salary by £8K if you have this qualification

Health and safety is a fast-growing, in-demand industry, with most modern businesses understanding the vital importance of it, alongside the role it plays in compliance with industry regulations...

Fri, 23 Jul 21 | HR News

How to make your recruitment process more accessible

According to the most recent disabled people in employment report, in the UK, 1 in 5 people of working-age reported they were disabled...