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ireland HR news

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Wed, 20 Oct 21 | AI & Employment

3 Essential cloud-based tools for remote teams

Gustavo Uy gustavo...

Wed, 20 Oct 21 | Benefits & Reward

Transporting Your Classic Car Safely

If you have a car that you regularly enter in car shows or if you are relocating, it is vital to provide your classic car with the best protection while it is in transit...

Wed, 20 Oct 21 | HR News

New statistics show that 1 in 5 HR leaders are not trained in diversity, equity and inclusion

A people analytics expert has urged the government to standardise training policies in the workplace following reports that today, one in five HR leaders are receiving inadequate or no training in diversity, equity and inclusion...

Wed, 20 Oct 21 | HR News

How cities across the UK have been impacted by economic issues

Addition, the outsourced finance solution for SMEs and start-ups, has published a new national report revealing the cities most impacted by economic issues over the last 12 months...

Wed, 20 Oct 21 | HR News

Road Wars and Cyclist Intimidation

As lockdown hit, and then hit again, and then again … everyone had much more time on their hands to take up new hobbies or revisit old ones...

Wed, 20 Oct 21 | HR News

Waiting for the talent police…. How to understand and conquer imposter syndrome

By Lorna Dunning – Professional Development coach During a 20-year career in senior roles within global organisations, I’ve been fortunate to work with top performers and exceptional leaders...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

Autonomous Ergonomic Furniture Review

Increase your productivity levels and overall wellbeing with the ergonomic chair and standing desk from Autonomous...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

Great Perk Ideas For Your Employees In 2022

One of the most essential parts of nurturing your team is keeping their morale high, along with their loyalty and dedication to your business...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

Why You Need Compatibility Tests in Your Hiring Process

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a wide-reaching and likely long-lasting influence on the job market, with firms delaying or drastically cutting recruitment and others being forced to lay off employees en masse...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

People buy from people – research shows it’s time to empower employee brand ambassadors

A recent research study conducted by marketing and PR consultancy Squirrels & Bears examines the importance of personal employee branding in the hybrid workplace and highlights what organisations can do to turn their employees into brand ambassadors...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

Sexism, ageism, lack of capital, investment bias

Launching a business still isn’t a level playing field in the UK according to recent data from a group of successful female entrepreneurs who have launched International Mid-life Women Day and annual Expo this October 21st to help, support and encourage budding female entrepreneurs over 40 across the UK...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

Employment expert reveals soaring staffing costs in sector

Unprecedented labour shortages in the construction industry, as well as unclear rules from the government on self-isolation are causing big problems for employers, a report by Citation has found...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

How to manage a growing business in uncertain times

With the furlough scheme ending and economic recovery in sight, many businesses still face an uncertain future...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

More and more businesses looking to support employees through menopause with CBT

Women experiencing the menopause are now able to access web-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) via employee health and wellbeing specialists Rightsteps...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | HR News

The Leadership Gap: Young workers most concerned remote work will impact career success

Young professionals and students have far greater concerns about the rise of remote work than their senior counterparts, according to a new report from employer branding specialist Universum...

Tue, 19 Oct 21 | COVID-19

The businesses thriving post lockdown

Independent veterinary services are revealed as the small businesses that are thriving the most post lockdown according to a new report...

Mon, 18 Oct 21 | HR News

How an Unfair Dismissal Can Affect Your Remaining Employees

If your business has lost an unfair dismissal claim, it will likely have a negative impact on your remaining employees...

Mon, 18 Oct 21 | HR News

7 Top Tips for EU Citizens Working in the UK Post-Brexit

Working in a country that isn’t your homeland can be a particularly difficult task, especially if you are an EU citizen living and working in the UK post-Brexit...

Mon, 18 Oct 21 | HR News

How to Survive the Corporate World After Going Remote

The corporate world was for many, perhaps most, something they enjoyed a now almost two-year break from...

Mon, 18 Oct 21 | HR News

1 in 2 employees would like to have taken time off for their mental health during the pandemic but didn’t

 Following World Mental Health Day on Sunday, Onebright, the UK’s largest on-demand mental healthcare company, has released exclusive research to highlight the chasm between employers and employees when it comes to mental health support in the workplace...