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Confidential information clause form template

Why you need to add this to your Contract of employment portfolio...

 Use this as an additional clause in terms of conditions of employment where the role requires it.

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Confidential information clause form template

Confidential information clause

a. Confidential Information

i. You must not, whether during your contract with the Company or after the end of it, unless expressly authorised in writing by your nominated Manager, disclose to any unauthorised person or use any confidential information relating to the business affairs or trade secrets of the Company. This includes any detail about the Company’s products, technical data, any matter relating to the company or its business, customers and employees, actual potential or past and all details relating to information on the Company’s database.

ii. During the course of your contract with the Company you may have access to, gain knowledge of or be entrusted with information of a confidential nature. This shall include, but is not limited to:-

1. The identity, address or telephone number of any Customer of the Company.

2. The contact name within a customer.

3. Any list or lists of the Company’s Customers whether in written or printed form or held in an elec

Reviewed: 04/04/21
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