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HR documents and policy templates

A comprehensive library of easy to edit model HR template letters, forms and guides, covering recruitment, management, termination, and policy.

Employing these documents will help you to ensure that you maintain legal compliance, reduce risk, and enable you to effectively engage with your employees.

My documents are suitable for all organisations that engage workers, with sizes ranging from SME's to larger companies.

Simply purchase the document you need, make some small edits to make it unique to your organisation an adapt it to your specific situation, and use it with the knowledge that it is best practice and compliant with the very latest legislation.

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Model templates to help you ensure that absences are managed well, and employees understand the rules and their responsibilities.


TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment). When a Company is acquired by another, employees will often transfer to the new company. My templates will support you in documenting the process correctly and effectively.

Featured documents

Model sick absence policy

A sick absence policy should make clear exactly what's expected from both the employer and employee if the employee is sick.

Model statement of terms and conditions form template

Employers must provide their workers and employees with their written statement on or before their first day of employment, no matter how long they're employed for.

Free previews

View a sample of every template so you can be sure of the quality before committing to purchase.

Free updates

You get 12 months access to all documents purchased. If you purchase a library or a pack any new documents that are added to that pack during the 12 months are free.

Easy edits

Templates can be quickly and easily copied, emailed, or downloaded. Sections of the document to be tailored to suit your situation/Company will be highlighted.

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After your first purchase subsequent orders are 25% off!