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We believe that every Manager / HR professional should have access to a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable HR document library that saves time, reduces risk, and enhances efficiency.

Quick, reliable access to high-quality documents is vital to ensure legal compliance and best practices. Struggling to find the right templates, spending hours creating documents from scratch, or risking non-compliance can be costly and stressful.

We provide an extensive library of over 640 customisable HR templates, including policies, procedures, letters, forms, and guidance documents. Our templates are crafted by HR experts to ensure they meet the highest standards of legal compliance and best practices. With our intuitive online platform, you can easily find and edit the documents you need, ensuring they are tailored to your specific requirements. Our service is designed to be cost-effective, providing exceptional value compared to other providers.

What do our templates help with?

At, we offer a digital HR manager solution with a comprehensive library that covers all your HR needs:

Recruiting and Onboarding: Streamline your hiring process with templates for offer letters, employment contracts, and job descriptions.
Managing Leave and Sickness: Efficiently handle leave requests and sickness management.
Consultations: Access templates for redundancy, TUPE, and varying terms consultations.
Performance Improvement and Development: Enhance employee performance and growth with targeted documents.
Grievances and Disciplinaries: Navigate grievances, appeals, investigations, and disciplinaries with ease.
Dismissals and Exit Processes: Manage dismissals, resignations, retirements, and exit interviews professionally.
Your digital HR Manager - templates, documents & guidance | hrdocbox

Our digital HR manager solution includes templates, documents, and guidance, all designed to make your HR tasks more efficient and legally compliant.

Start using today and transform your HR management experience with our affordable, high-quality digital tools. Never waste time and money searching for free HR templates or struggling with document creation again. Let be your trusted digital HR manager.

Stop doing this:

Wasting money buying documents that don't meet best practice or legislation.
Wasting effort searching for free documents that lack implementation support.
Wasting time creating documents from scratch.

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I have just renewed our membership for another year for HRdocbox. It's an extremely useful resource with a wide variety of documents and knowledge...
- Rachel Masing, ETM Group

I have been using the service now for around 6 months and it has been really useful in developing and updating polices and processes.
- Jamie Allan, Armstrong Craven

Excellent library of resources and templates which have made my job in my small business so much easier to manage HR for my employees...
- Emma Hunt

Great value and the site contains an extensive library of essential HR documents. I access the site probably once a week...
- Laura Alliss-Etty

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- Emma Beauchamp