Your digital HR Manager: compliant templates, documents, support

Your digital HR Manager: compliant templates, documents, support

Need an extensive, best practice, legally compliant HR template, document, and guidance library at a fraction of the cost than other providers? HRDocBox is your solution.

Our library of hundreds of customisable HR templates, including policies, procedures, letters, and forms, makes your HR tasks more efficient, and ensures legal compliance.

Don't waste time and money searching for free HR templates or creating HR documents from scratch... Start using HRDocBox today and streamline your HR processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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What do our customers say about us?

I have been using the service now for around 6 months and it has been really useful in developing and updating polices and processes.

- Jamie Allan, Armstrong Craven ★★★★★

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Excellent library of resources and templates which have made my job in my small business so much easier to manage HR for my employees...

- Emma Hunt ★★★★★

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Great value and the site contains an extensive library of essential HR documents. I access the site probably once a week...

- Laura Alliss-Etty ★★★★★

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A great source of information and advice. I can highly recommend hrdocbox.

- Georgina Loom, The Hygiene Bank

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HRDocBox is a great resource. It is incredibly good value, providing a large selection of HR guidance materials as well as...

- Emma Beauchamp ★★★★★

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Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Autistic Individuals - A Government Review
Wed, 28 Feb 24

Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Autistic Individuals - A Government Review

The government has recently unveiled a comprehensive review aimed at improving support for autistic individuals in the workplace...

Why choose us?

We understand the importance of having access to high-quality, legally compliant HR templates and HR guidance documents. Our team has expertly crafted a comprehensive library, covering a wide range of Human Resources functions.

Whether you're looking for HR templates for recruitment and selection, performance management, or employee development, HRDocBox has got you covered. Our content is easy to use and is affordable; simply purchase the library, toolkit or template that best suits your organisation's needs, and you'll gain immediate access.

We are trusted by thousands of businesses, from startups, to SME's, to large enterprises, to provide important HR templates and HR guidance documents that will assist their HR department with tasks such as:

  • Recruiting process, interviewing, and selecting candidates.
  • Issuing offer letters, employment contract, employee handbooks, and creating job descriptions.
  • Managing leave and sickness.
  • Investigations.
  • Consultations with employees, such as redundancy, TUPE and varying terms and conditions of employment.
  • Managing employee requests, employee records and payroll records.
  • Performance improvement and development.
  • Grievances, appeals, and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Dismissals, resignations, retirements, exit interviews.

New documents and templates

Offboarding policy template

Use this if you require a robust and practical Offboarding policy template.

£ 20
End of Company sick pay confirmation letter template

Our End of Company Sick Pay confirmation Letter Template notifies employees of the cessation of company sick pay, maintaining transparency and clarity in benefits communication.

£ 15
Addressing Poor Personal Hygiene in the Workplace script template

Our Addressing Poor Personal Hygiene in the Workplace Script Template facilitates sensitive discussions, fostering hygiene awareness and maintaining professionalism in workplace conduct.

£ 15
Employee Departure Communications Plan template

Use this if you require a robust and practical Employee Departure Communications Plan template.

£ 15
Employee Offboarding Checklist form template

Our Employee Offboarding Checklist Form Template ensures a thorough and organized process, covering essential steps to smoothly transition departing employees out of the organisation.

£ 15

Trending documents and templates

Corporate social responsibility policy template

Use this model Corporate Social Responsibility policy to detail the ways in which your organisation regulates itself to ensure that its activities positively affect society as a whole.

£ 20
Heat of the moment dismissal withdrawal letter template

If an employee is sacked in the heat of the moment, send this model dismissal withdrawal letter to ask them to return to work so that any issues can be resolved.

£ 15
Proof of right to work request letter template

Our Proof of Right to Work Request Letter Template simplifies the process of requesting and obtaining necessary documentation from employees.

£ 15
Training cost repayment agreement letter template

If you are sponsoring training, use this model letter to inform an employee that repayment of the cost is required if they resign before or shortly after it is complete.

£ 15
Statement of terms and conditions contract of employment template

Our Statement of Terms and Conditions Template ensures legal compliance, providing employees with essential details about their employment.

£ 25

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