Employee communication templates toolkit

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Our Employee Communication Templates Toolkit enhances internal communication, facilitating clear and efficient messaging.

Effective employee communication is key to creating a positive workplace culture and ensuring that colleagues are engaged and informed.

Our toolkit includes a range of templates that are designed to simplify the process of communicating with your employees, save you time and effort, and ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation. From creating internal communications policies to managing employee feedback and handling crisis communications, our templates cover all the necessary documents required to communicate with your employees effectively.

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What is Employee communication?

Communicating with your employees is central to managing your workforce.

Poor communication can result in misunderstandings and mistrust. Introducing proper procedures for informing and consulting with your employees can take time and money but you will benefit from improved products, productivity and competitiveness.

Employee communication templates toolkit
employee communication templates toolkit
employee communication templates toolkit

What legal and best practice aspects should employers be aware of?

  • Employers must communicate effectively with their employees to ensure that they are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and that they are kept informed about any changes that may affect them.

  • Employers should have clear policies and procedures in place for communicating with employees, which may include regular meetings, emails, newsletters, and other forms of internal communication.

  • Employers should ensure that all communication is clear, accurate, and timely, and that it is presented in a way that is accessible to all employees.

  • Employers should encourage open and transparent communication with their employees, and should create an environment where employees feel comfortable raising concerns or making suggestions.

  • Employers should ensure that all communication is conducted in a respectful and professional manner, and that employees are not subjected to bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

  • Employers should ensure that their employees are aware of the organisation's values and objectives, and that they understand how their role contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

  • Employers should ensure that their communication is compliant with data protection legislation and that employees are aware of their rights in relation to the processing of their personal data.

Effective communication is essential for building positive relationships between employers and employees, promoting a positive workplace culture, and ensuring that employees are informed and engaged.

Employee communication templates toolkit contents

Guide to good email etiquette
This resource is free

Good standards of email communication maintains professionalism, efficiency and reduces risk.

Guide to good meeting etiquette
This resource is free

Our Guide to Good Meeting Etiquette outlines best practices for effective and respectful meeting conduct, fostering a productive and collaborative work environment.

Guide to good office etiquette
This resource is free

Our Guide to Good Office Etiquette provides essential insights, promoting a positive work environment by outlining respectful and professional behaviour expectations in the workplace.

Guide to implementing a 4-day week

Comprehensive guide for UK organisations transitioning to a 4-day week, providing step-by-step strategies, legal insights, and employee engagement tips.

£ 20
Guide to Managing Conflict at Work through Mediation

Our Guide to Managing Conflict at Work through Mediation empowers teams to address workplace tensions effectively, fostering collaboration and harmony.

£ 20
Agreement to employee request to take second job letter template

Our Agreement to Employee Request to Take a Second Job Letter Template acknowledges and approves an employee's request to take on a second job, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding of expectations.

£ 15
Appeal hearing invitation letter template

Our Appeal Hearing Invitation Letter template formally invites employees to appeal hearings, maintaining transparency and adhering to procedural fairness.

£ 15
Mediation meeting invitation letter template

If you wish to try to resolve a workplace disagreement through mediation, appoint a mediator and issue this model mediation meeting invitation letter template.

£ 15
Outcome of mediation meeting letter template

Our Outcome of Mediation Meeting Letter Template streamlines documenting mediation outcomes, preventing disputes, and ensuring clear understanding for both parties.

£ 15
Employee engagement survey form template

Our Employee Engagement Survey Form template collects valuable insights, enabling organisations to understand employee satisfaction and drive positive change.

£ 15
Meeting agenda form template

Complete and send this to all meeting attendees ideally a week before the meeting takes place.

£ 15
Suggestion scheme memo form template

Use this memo to introduce a suggestion scheme with written submissions, or via suggestion boxes.

£ 15
Announcement to employees about a colleague being promoted script template

Our Announcement of Colleague's Promotion Script template conveys the exciting news, fostering a positive atmosphere and acknowledging the employee's achievement.

£ 15
Appeal hearing script template
Our Appeal Hearing Script template guides fair and consistent appeal discussions, ensuring a structured process for addressing concerns and reaching resolutions.

£ 15
Internal job change announcement script template

Our Internal Job Change Announcement script eases the task of informing employees about internal role transitions, enhancing communication efficiency.

£ 15
Meeting for highlighting an employees disruptive behaviour script template

Our Meeting for Highlighting Employee Disruptive Behaviour Script Template ensures structured discussions, addressing concerns professionally.

£ 15
New employee announcement script template

This script template provides a structured approach for introducing a new employee to the organisation.

£ 15
One-to-One Review Meeting script template

Our One-to-One Review Meeting Script Template guides constructive discussions, fostering growth and alignment between managers and employees in a supportive environment.

£ 15
Promotion announcement script template

Our Promotion Announcement Script template effectively communicates employee promotions, celebrating achievements and fostering a culture of recognition and growth.

£ 9
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) template

Our Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Template provides a structured framework for assessing and mitigating data protection risks, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

£ 15
Employee Data Privacy Notice template

An Employee Data Privacy Notice is a document that explains how an employer will collect, use, and store an employee's personal data.

£ 15
Meeting plan for highlighting poor behaviour template

Our Meeting Plan for Highlighting Poor Behaviour Template streamlines discussions, addressing behavioural issues constructively for a positive work culture.

£ 15
One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan template

Our One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan Template documents agreed-upon goals and actions, ensuring accountability and progress tracking following constructive discussions between managers and employees.

£ 15

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