Induction and onboarding templates toolkit

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Our Induction and Onboarding Templates Toolkit simplifies the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless welcome for new hires.

It is designed to simplify the process of creating an effective induction programme, save you time and effort, and ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation. From creating induction plans to providing induction checklists and conducting induction reviews, our templates cover all the necessary documents required to create an engaging and informative induction programme.

Our Induction Templates Toolkit has been created by HR experts to provide you with the tools you need to create a successful and engaging employee induction programme. Our templates are easy to use and can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your induction programme is aligned with your business goals and culture.

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What is Induction and Onboarding?

Induction or onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organisation and familiarising them with their role, responsibilities, colleagues, and the company culture. It's essentially the opposite of offboarding.

During induction, new employees receive orientation sessions, training, and support to help them settle into their new roles smoothly. This process typically covers several aspects, including:

  1. Orientation: Introducing the new employee to the workplace environment, facilities, and basic administrative procedures.

  2. Training: Providing job-specific training to help the new employee understand their duties, learn relevant skills, and become proficient in their role.

  3. Introduction to Company Culture: Educating the new employee about the organisation's mission, values, goals, and expectations. This may involve sharing the company's history, vision, and code of conduct.

  4. Meeting Colleagues: Facilitating introductions to coworkers, supervisors, and other key personnel within the organisation to foster networking and collaboration.

  5. Setting Expectations: Clarifying performance expectations, job objectives, and key performance indicators to ensure the new employee understands what is expected of them.

  6. Providing Resources: Offering access to tools, resources, and support systems necessary for the new employee to perform their job effectively.

Effective onboarding is crucial for engaging and retaining new employees, accelerating their productivity, and helping them become valuable contributors to the organisation. It's a process that extends beyond the first few days or weeks of employment and may continue for several months as the new employee becomes fully integrated into their role and the company culture.

What legislation / best practices underpin our Induction and onboarding templates?

  • In most cases, induction begins when employees begin work in a new position and ends when they are fully integrated into the job and organisation.

  • Employers should assist and guide new workers.

  • Early induction should include health and safety and equal opportunity training.

  • Employers shall not discriminate against workers in the design or delivery of induction training, as well as in the selection of those who get such training and induction.

Why choose our Induction and onboarding templates toolkit?

Our content:

Is easy to edit and execute, with comprehensive implementation guidance.
Is designed by accredited, experienced HR practitioners.
Maintains your compliance with ACAS guidelines, legislation, and industry best practices.
Includes 12 months access to your purchase, with email alerts if updated or expanded.

Stop doing this:

Wasting money buying documents that don't meet best practice or legislation.
Wasting effort searching for free documents that lack implementation support.
Wasting time creating documents from scratch.

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