Employee vetting templates toolkit

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Our Employee Vetting Templates Toolkit streamlines vetting procedures, ensuring a thorough and efficient hiring process.

Efficiently and effectively manage employee background checks with our comprehensive employee vetting templates.

Our toolkit includes a range of templates that are designed to simplify the process of employee vetting, save you time and effort, and ensure compliance with all relevant employment legislation. From conducting criminal record checks to obtaining references and verifying qualifications, our templates cover all the necessary documents required to carry out legally compliant employee vetting.

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What is Employee vetting?

Employee vetting HR templates are documents that employers can use as a starting point when carrying out employee background checks or other related documents. These templates are designed to ensure that the employer follows the correct procedures and complies with current UK employment law.

Employers should always ensure that any employee vetting HR templates they use are tailored to their specific circumstances. It is also important to regularly review and update employee vetting materials to ensure that they remain relevant and effective, and meet the needs of the business.

Employee vetting templates toolkit
employee vetting templates toolkit
employee vetting templates toolkit

What legal and best practice aspects should employers be aware of?

  • Employers commit a criminal offence if they hire or provide a prohibited individual to perform a regulated activity.

  • It is likewise a crime for a prohibited person to engage in, or attempt to engage in, a regulated activity from which they are barred.

  • Employers are required under the safeguarding schemes to submit relevant information about persons doing regulated activities if it may influence their fitness to conduct such tasks in the future.

  • Where an employer's operation involves regulated activities and it is recruiting individuals for roles that fall under those regulated activities, checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service must be made to ensure the individual is not barred from such employment, and any offers of employment must make it clear that the employment is subject to this check.

  • The law makes provision for the protection of ex-offenders to help with their rehabilitation. However, the law also recognises the necessity for employers to consider the background of individuals in order to assess their suitability for certain work and to protect vulnerable groups from risk.

  • Work involving activity with children or vulnerable adults is specifically regulated in law, and employers have legal obligations under the relevant vetting and barring schemes to carry out checks on those engaged in such activities.

Employee vetting templates toolkit contents

Guide to pre-employment checks

If you have a new employee, this model guide to pre-employment checks will help you to check their integrity and background, and prevent illegal working.

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Criminal record checks policy template

If you are undertaking criminal record checks as part of your onboarding process, this model policy provides you with a legal, effective framework.

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Right to work policy template

This model right to wok policy outlines managers’ responsibilities with regards to ensuring that staff they recruit have the right to work in the UK.

£ 20
Criminal Records Check Consent letter template

Our Criminal Records Check Consent letter template simplifies obtaining employee consent for background checks, ensuring compliance and efficient record keeping.

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Proof of right to work request letter template

Our Proof of Right to Work Request Letter Template simplifies the process of requesting and obtaining necessary documentation from employees.

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Criminal Records Check Consent form template

Our Criminal Records Check Consent form template ensures seamless and compliant processing of applicant background checks.

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Medical declaration form template

A medical declaration form to disclose information that may impact an ability to perform tasks or may require adjustments to ensure workplace safety.

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Security Appraisal for employee with SC or DV clearance script template

Our Security Appraisal for employee with SC or DV clearance script simplifies the process of assessing employees with SC or DV clearance, enhancing security protocols.

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Why buy our Employee vetting templates toolkit?
  • You save time and effort with our professionally written, editable HR documents that are tailored to meet best practice.
  • You ensure compliance with applicable ACAS Codes of Conduct and other legal requirements.
  • You get process flowcharts to help you adhere to best practice.
  • You stay up-to-date with our email alerts that notify you whenever a new template or supporting resource is added or updated in this toolkit.
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  • You unlock a 25% discount on all future purchases or renewals of our libraries, toolkits, and templates.

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