Plan templates

A plan template is a structured tool used to outline objectives, strategies, and steps for various projects or initiatives, ensuring clear direction and organised execution.


The purpose of using plan templates in HR is to provide a structured framework and guidance for HR professionals to effectively develop and implement various plans and strategies within their organisations. These templates serve several purposes, including:

  • Standardisation: Plan templates ensure consistency and standardisation in the approach taken by HR professionals across different initiatives. They establish a common structure, format, and content for planning processes, making it easier to communicate and collaborate within the HR team and across departments.

  • Time and Effort Savings: Templates save time and effort by providing a ready-made framework that HR professionals can use as a starting point. Instead of starting from scratch, they can focus on tailoring the template to suit their specific needs, thereby accelerating the planning process.

  • Comprehensive Planning: Templates prompt HR professionals to consider various elements and aspects while developing a plan. They typically include key sections, such as goals, objectives, strategies, timelines, and evaluation methods, ensuring that all important areas are covered and addressed in the planning process.

  • Best Practices: Plan templates often incorporate industry best practices and proven strategies for HR initiatives. They serve as a reference point, guiding HR professionals to incorporate effective approaches and techniques into their plans, thus increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

  • Communication and Alignment: Templates facilitate effective communication and alignment between HR and other stakeholders. By using a standardised format, HR professionals can easily share and present their plans to executives, managers, and employees, ensuring clear understanding and buy-in from all parties involved.

  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: Plan templates provide a means of documenting HR initiatives and their associated plans. They serve as a reference for future purposes, such as tracking progress, evaluating outcomes, and making adjustments or improvements to the plans as needed.

  • In summary, the purpose of plan templates in HR is to streamline the planning process, ensure consistency and comprehensiveness, save time and effort, incorporate best practices, facilitate communication and alignment, and provide a record of HR initiatives and strategies. They are valuable tools that support effective HR management and contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

32 model plan templates

Absence improvement checklist template

Our Absence Improvement Checklist Form Template streamlines tracking and managing employee absences, enhancing productivity and reducing absenteeism.

£ 15
Contract harmonisation plan template

This harmonisation plan template outlines the steps to create a consistent and compliant employment contract template for all employees.

£ 15
COVID-19 What to do if... quick reference template
This resource is free

Use this guide to help employees understand what steps they have to take in a number of scenarios, such as self/household isolating, shielding, positive tests etc.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) template

Our Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Template provides a structured framework for assessing and mitigating data protection risks, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

£ 15
Drivers Handbook template

Our Drivers Handbook simplifies safe driving practices, compliance, and company policies, minimising risks and fostering driver awareness.

£ 15
Employee Data Privacy Notice template

An Employee Data Privacy Notice is a document that explains how an employer will collect, use, and store an employee's personal data.

£ 15
Employee Departure Communications Plan template

Use this if you require a robust and practical Employee Departure Communications Plan template.

£ 15
Employee Engagement Plan template

An employee engagement plan is a set of strategies and activities designed to increase employee involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment to their work.

£ 15
Employee Share Scheme Communication Plan template

Use this Employee Share Scheme Communication Plan for communicating with employees about the share scheme, including launch announcements, updates, and educational materials.

£ 20
Employee Value Proposition (EVP) template

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) template showcases the comprehensive benefits, growth opportunities, and unique aspects of working with us, attracting and retaining top talent.

£ 15
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report template

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report template provides a comprehensive overview of a company's sustainability initiatives, social responsibility efforts, and governance practices.

£ 20
Equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) action plan template

Our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan template outlines strategies and initiatives to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, driving positive change.

£ 15
Exit interview preparation plan template

Our Exit Interview Preparation Plan template facilitates gathering valuable feedback, identifying patterns, and enhancing employee engagement for better retention and growth.

£ 15
Fire Safety Notice template

Our Fire Safety Notice instructs and informs, ensuring clear directives during emergencies for everyone's safety and well-being.

£ 20
HR Audit plan template

An HR audit plan is a comprehensive review of an organisation's HR policies and practices to ensure legal compliance and identify areas for improvement.

£ 15
HR change project plan template

An HR change project plan is a structured approach for managing and implementing changes to an organisation's HR policies, procedures, and practices.

£ 15
Investigation plan template

Use this form to determine the arragements for the investigation, including the issues to be explored, who is involved and the target date.

£ 15
Leadership Development Plan template

Our Leadership Development Plan template outlines a structured path for enhancing leadership skills, fostering professional growth and effective management.

£ 15
Meeting plan for highlighting poor behaviour template

Our Meeting Plan for Highlighting Poor Behaviour Template streamlines discussions, addressing behavioural issues constructively for a positive work culture.

£ 15
Mentorship Program Plan template

Our Mentorship Program Plan template offers a comprehensive framework for implementing a successful mentorship initiative, facilitating skill transfer and personal growth.

£ 15
One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan template

Our One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan Template documents agreed-upon goals and actions, ensuring accountability and progress tracking following constructive discussions between managers and employees.

£ 15
Performance improvement plan template

If you have concens about the performance of an employee, use this model form template to capture the improvement required, and agree and plan the timescale.

£ 9
Reasonable Adjustment Plan template

Our Reasonable Adjustment Plan template facilitates fair accommodations, ensuring inclusivity and compliance with disability regulations for employees.

£ 15
Redundancy plan template

Ensure fair, compliant, and transparent redundancy processes with our Redundancy Plan template, designed for UK employers to meet legal requirements.

£ 15
Retirement plan for employers template

Our Retirement Plan for Employers template outlines strategies and options to support employee retirement, ensuring a secure and positive transition for your workforce.

£ 15
Return-to-Work Plan after Menopause-related Absence template

Our Return-to-Work Plan after Menopause-related Absence template provides tailored support, easing transition and ensuring employees well-being as they reintegrate into the workplace.

£ 15
Salary sacrifice program communication plan template

Our Salary Sacrifice Program Communication Plan outlines a strategic approach to effectively inform and engage employees about the program, ensuring awareness and participation.

£ 20
Share Scheme Survey template

Use this Share Scheme Survey to gather feedback and insights from employees participating in your company's share scheme.

£ 15
Succession Plan template

Our Succession Plan Template strategically outlines a roadmap for identifying and developing internal talent, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in key roles within the organisation.

£ 15
Talent development plan template

Our Talent Development Plan provides a structured strategy for enhancing skills and capabilities, promoting professional growth and achievement.

£ 20
Training and development plan template

Our Training and Development Plan template helps you create effective strategies to enhance employee skills and foster professional growth.

£ 15
Work experience plan template

Our Work Experience Plan Template streamlines the process, ensuring a well-structured and organised work experience program for students.

£ 15

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