Resignation templates toolkit

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Our Resignation Templates Toolkit simplifies the resignation process, providing easy-to-use templates for smooth transitions.

We have a wide range of customisable templates and resources to help guide you through the resignation process, from the resignation letter to the exit interview.

Our templates are designed to help you navigate the legal and practical aspects of resignations while maintaining positive relationships with your departing employees.

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What is Resignation?

A resignation is a formal process by which an employee voluntarily terminates their employment with a company. It involves the employee submitting a written notice to their employer, indicating their intention to leave the job and the date on which they plan to do so.

Resignation can be initiated by the employee for a variety of reasons, such as a better job opportunity, dissatisfaction with the current job, personal reasons, or retirement. It can also be initiated by the employer, in which case it is referred to as a termination or dismissal.

Resignation is an important process that allows both the employee and employer to plan for the future and make necessary arrangements.

Resignation templates toolkit
resignation templates toolkit
resignation templates toolkit

What legal and best practice aspects should employers be aware of?

  • An employee may have been constructively dismissed if the employer's actions prompted them to resign.

  • Unless the employer agrees to forgo the notice provision, the employee is required by his or her employment contract to work a period of notice.

  • The employer should always accept an employee's resignation in writing, stating the last day the person is expected to work and the date the employment will end (if different).

  • If the employment contract allows it, an employer may pay the employee in lieu of notice to enable his or her early departure from the organisation.

  • Employers may place employees on "garden leave" for the duration of the notice period if their employment contracts allow it.

  • Employers should conduct exit interviews to determine the cause for the employee's departure and to utilise this as a chance to fix any workplace concerns.

Resignation templates toolkit contents

Guide to managing an employee resignation

Our Guide to Managing an Employee Resignation offers step-by-step instructions for a smooth transition, ensuring professionalism and maintaining positive relationships.

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Working notice policy template

This model policy outlines the usual arrangements for working a notice period, for an employee who is leaving the company.

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Director resignation letter template

A model letter of resignation from a company director, including an optional acknowledgement that the resigning director has no claims outstanding against the company.

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Early release after resignation letter template

Our Early Release after Resignation Letter Template enables a seamless and compliant process for accommodating early departures while preventing potential issues.

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Heat of the moment resignation response letter template

Our Heat of the Moment Resignation Response Letter template helps address resignations made impulsively, offering support and clarifying next steps.

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Resignation letter template

This letter is used by an employee as a formal method of submitting notice that they intend to resign from their employment.

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Resignation acceptance letter template

If an employee resigns, issue this model resignation acceptance letter to provide specific end of contract information, such as the date of their last day of work.

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Resignation acceptance with garden leave letter template

Our Resignation Acceptance with Garden Leave Letter template confirms an employee's resignation while outlining the garden leave terms, ensuring a clear understanding.

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