Performance appraisal templates toolkit

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Our Performance Appraisal Templates Toolkit streamlines evaluations, enabling objective and insightful performance assessments.

It provides you with all the necessary tools and templates to manage your performance appraisal process with ease. With a wide range of templates available for various industries, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect fit for your business.

Our toolkit includes everything you need to manage your performance appraisal process, including comprehensive guides and checklists to help you ensure that all legal and best practice requirements are met. Our templates cover all aspects of the performance appraisal process, from goal-setting to performance evaluation, and we offer bespoke options to cater for unique business needs.


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What is Performance appraisal?

A performance appraisal ('annual review', 'performance (development) review' or 'evaluation') is the regular review of an employee's performance.

Appraisals are used to measure progress against objectives, highlight areas for development, and identify areas of commendation.

An appraisal should reflect the employee's job, their key responsibilities, their wider participation within the team and their overall contribution (or expected contribution) to company-wide business objectives.

Appraisals should focus on performance and personal development with specific areas for employees and employers to concentrate their efforts on above and beyond the day-to-day environment.

Performance appraisal templates toolkit
performance appraisal templates toolkit
performance appraisal templates toolkit

What legal and best practice aspects should employers be aware of?

  • Performance appraisals must be conducted in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

  • Employers must ensure that their performance appraisal process is transparent, objective and free from bias. Performance appraisal criteria must be clear and measurable, and feedback should be based on objective evidence.

  • Employees must have the opportunity to participate in their performance appraisal and provide feedback. Employers must ensure that the appraisal process is two-way, and that employees are given the opportunity to raise any concerns or issues.

  • Employers must ensure that the appraisal process is consistent and applied fairly across the organization. Appraisals should be conducted at regular intervals and should be based on clearly defined performance standards.

  • Employers must ensure that performance appraisals are documented and that employees have access to their appraisal records. Employers should also ensure that appraisal records are kept confidential and stored securely.

  • Employers must ensure that performance appraisal outcomes are used fairly and consistently, and that they are not used to discriminate against employees. Employers should also ensure that appraisal outcomes are communicated to employees in a clear and constructive manner.

Performance appraisal templates toolkit contents

Guide to creating SMART goals
This resource is free

The SMART in SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Guide to performance appraisal

This is a complete guide for an appraiser for how to implement successful performance appraisals.

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Performance appraisal policy template

Use this if you require a robust and practical Performance appraisal policy template.

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Commendation letter template

This letter is used after a good overall Performance Development Review, to thank the appraisee for the work they have done during the period.

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Performance appraisal form template

A regular performance appraisal or performance development review is important to keep track on the employee in terms of their performance against objectives or other standards, and to maintain their development.

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Performance appraisal managers checklist form template

This document is a quick checklist for an appraiser and what they need to do in practice to make a Performance Development Review a success.

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One-to-One Review Meeting script template

Our One-to-One Review Meeting Script Template guides constructive discussions, fostering growth and alignment between managers and employees in a supportive environment.

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One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan template

Our One-to-One Review Meeting Action Plan Template documents agreed-upon goals and actions, ensuring accountability and progress tracking following constructive discussions between managers and employees.

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