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Our Absence and Attendance Templates Toolkit helps you streamline processes, track absences, and boost workforce productivity.

Managing absence and attendance can be challenging; our absence and attendance templates can make the process efficient and effective.

Our toolkit includes a range of templates that are designed to simplify the absence and leave management process. Whether it's managing short-term or long-term absences, annual leave, or sick leave, our templates cover all the necessary documents required to manage employee absence and leave effectively.

What is Absence and Attendance?

Absence and attendance refer to the presence or absence of employees during scheduled working hours. These terms are often used to describe an employee's work attendance record and the instances when an employee is not present at work.

Attendance refers to the act of being present and actively engaged in work during scheduled working hours. It signifies that an employee is fulfilling their work responsibilities by being physically or virtually present at the workplace or performing their job duties remotely.

Absence refers to the state of not being present at the workplace or not actively engaged in work during scheduled working hours. It can be due to various reasons, including sickness, personal reasons, vacation, or other approved leaves.

  • Types of Absence:

    • Sick Leave: Absence due to illness or health-related reasons.

    • Holiday Leave: Planned time off for leisure or personal activities.

    • Personal Leave: Unplanned time off for personal reasons.

    • Emergency Leave: Unplanned time off due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Employees are entitled to take time off work for various reasons, including sickness, maternity and paternity leave, adoption leave, parental leave, and time off for dependants.

  • Employers must ensure that they have clear policies and procedures in place for managing absence and leave, and that these are communicated effectively to employees.

  • Employers should have a system for recording and monitoring employee absences, and should be able to identify any patterns or trends that may require further action.

  • Employers should follow a fair and consistent process for managing absence, which may include offering support and assistance to employees who are experiencing long-term sickness.

  • Employers must comply with statutory leave entitlements, such as maternity and paternity leave, and should ensure that they do not discriminate against employees who exercise their right to take leave.

  • Employers should ensure that any requests for leave are dealt with promptly and fairly, and that employees are informed of the outcome in writing.

  • Employers should ensure that employees are aware of their rights and entitlements with regard to absence and leave, and that any concerns or queries are addressed promptly and sensitively.

It is important for employers to have clear policies and procedures in place for managing absence and leave, to comply with UK employment law, and to support their employees' wellbeing and work-life balance.

Practical HR Solutions

Here are some common HR scenarios for Absence and attendance issues, with best practices for preparation and problem-solving strategies to manage and resolve them.

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  • I have an employee who is persistently late, what do I do?

  • An employee is scheduled to work, but has not arrived and has not been in contact, what do i do?

  • What is the best approach to manage an employee returning from long-term sick leave?

absence and attendance templates toolkit.
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