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Long term sick absence review meeting script template

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Our Long Term Sick Absence Review Meeting Script ensures structured discussions to address employee health concerns and plan effective support strategies.

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long term sick absence review meeting script template

What is a Long term sick absence review meeting script?

The Long Term Sick Absence Review Meeting Script provides a structured framework for conducting meetings with employees who have been absent from work due to long-term illness or injury. It guides managers or HR professionals through the process of discussing the employee's health status, reviewing their absence record, and exploring options for supporting their return to work. Additionally, the script ensures that key points are covered during the meeting, including the employee's current health condition, any barriers to returning to work, and accommodations or adjustments that may be required.

The script facilitates a supportive and constructive dialogue between the employer and the employee, fostering transparency, empathy, and collaboration in addressing health-related issues. It helps to ensure that meetings are conducted in a fair and consistent manner, promoting the employee's well-being while also safeguarding the interests of the organisation. By using this script, employers can demonstrate their commitment to supporting employees during periods of illness or injury, ultimately facilitating successful returns to work and maintaining positive working relationships.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this script be issued?
During the long term absence review meeting
Issued by who, to whom
Who should issue this script, and to whom?
The Employer (you) to the Employee
Applicable legal jurisdictions
In which jurisdictions can this script be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide

What steps should I take to ensure the effective, compliant execution of this script?

Step Description Responsibility Timing
1 Monitoring and documentation of employee's sick absence HR / Line Manager Ongoing
2 Review the employee's medical certificates and absence records HR / Line Manager 1-2 weeks before scheduled meeting
3 Schedule and prepare for the Long Term Sick Absence Review Meeting HR / Line Manager 1 week before scheduled meeting
4 Conduct the Long Term Sick Absence Review Meeting HR / Line Manager On scheduled date
5 Follow-up actions: Determine next steps, support, and accommodations HR / Line Manager Immediately after meeting

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Long term sick absence review meeting [Delete this line]

  1. Welcome and Introduction

    • Begin the meeting by welcoming the employee and expressing gratitude for their attendance.
  2. Review of Absence

    • Discuss the reasons for the employee's absence and inquire about their current health status and progress since the start of their absence.
    • Allow the employee to share any updates or changes in their health condition.
  3. Duration of Absence

    • Explore the expected duration of the absence and any factors that may affect the employee's return to work.
    • Discuss any medical documentation or reports provided by the employee's healthcare provider.
  4. Support and Adjustments for Return

    • Identify any supports or adjustments that may assist in the employee's return to work.
    • Discuss accommodations, flexible work arrangements, or phased return options if applicable.
  5. Referral to Occupational Health

    • Determine if a referral to the Occupational Health department is appropriate based on the employee's health condition.
    • Explain the role of Occupational Health in providing guidance and support for the employee's return to work.
  6. Workplace Developments

    • Provide updates on any relevant changes or developments in the workplace that may impact the employee's return.
    • Address any questions or concerns the employee may have regarding workplace changes.
  7. Employee Concerns and Difficulties

    • Encourage the employee to raise any difficulties or concerns they may have regarding their return to work.
    • Listen actively and offer support or solutions where possible.
  8. Next Steps

    • Summarise the key points discussed during the meeting.
    • Outline the next steps in the return to work process, including any follow-up meetings or actions required.
    • Provide contact information for further assistance or questions.

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What communication / process sequence is this part of?

Previous step
Long term sick absence review meeting invitation letter template

Our Long Term Sick Absence Review Meeting Invitation Letter template invites employees to a meeting to discuss extended absences, ensuring a supportive and structured approach.

This step
Long term sick absence review meeting script

How might this be used in practice?

Scenario: Long-Term Sick Absence Review Meeting at TechWorks Limited

TechWorks Limited, a leading technology company, conducts a long-term sick absence review meeting with Emily Davies, an employee who has been on extended sick leave due to a serious illness. HR Manager Olivia leads the meeting to discuss Emily Davies's health status, review her absence record, and explore options for support and accommodations.

Health Status Update

Emily provides an update on her health status, detailing any improvements or setbacks since her last sick leave review meeting. She discusses her ongoing treatment plan, medical appointments, and any adjustments made to her work schedule or duties to accommodate her health needs.

Review of Absence Record

Olivia presents Emily with a summary of her sick leave record, including the duration of her absence, the reasons for her absence, and any supporting medical documentation provided. She acknowledges the impact of Emily's absence on the team and expresses concern for her well-being.

Discussion of Support and Accommodations

Olivia explores options for additional support and accommodations that TechWorks Limited can provide to assist Emily during her recovery and facilitate her return to work when she is ready. This may include flexible working arrangements, adjustments to workload or responsibilities, access to counselling or occupational health services, or referrals to external support networks.

Return-to-Work Plan

Olivia and Emily collaboratively develop a return-to-work plan that outlines realistic goals and milestones for Emily's gradual return to full-time work. They discuss a phased return-to-work schedule, gradual increase in workload and responsibilities, and ongoing monitoring and support to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace.

Follow-Up and Support

Olivia concludes the meeting by summarising the key points discussed and confirming the agreed-upon action steps and timelines. She assures Emily of TechWorks Limited's commitment to supporting her throughout her recovery journey and encourages open communication if she has any concerns or needs additional assistance.

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