Annual leave sale request form template

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Our annual leave sale request form template simplifies the process for employees to sell back unused or unwanted annual leave days efficiently.

Why this form is necessary

The Annual Leave Sale Request Form Template enables employees to formally request the sale of unused holiday days back to the company.

This form ensures the process is transparent, documented, and aligns with organisational policies.

By using this template, employees can manage their leave balances effectively, and the company can maintain accurate records and manage financial implications. It promotes flexibility and provides a clear framework for both parties to follow.

  • Working Time Regulations 1998: Entitles full-time employees to a minimum of 5.6 weeks of annual leave, ensuring that any sale of annual leave does not infringe on this statutory entitlement.

  • Employment Rights Act 1996: Establishes the statutory rights of employees, including the framework for fair treatment and entitlements regarding annual leave.

  • Equality Act 2010: Ensures that the process for selling annual leave is non-discriminatory and equitable for all employees.

  • Best Practice: Transparent and Fair Policy: Ensure the policy for selling annual leave is clearly communicated, transparent, and consistently applied, with clear guidelines on how employees can request to sell leave.


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annual leave sale request form template

Annual leave sale request

Employee Information

  • Name: __________________________________________
  • Employee ID: ___________________________________
  • Department: ____________________________________
  • Position: _______________________________________

Annual Leave Details

  • Current Annual Leave Balance: _______________ days
  • Number of Days to Sell: _______________ days

Payment Option

Please select your preferred payment option (tick):

  • Full payment in the next monthly pay cycle
  • Spread the payment evenly over 12 months

Employee Declaration

I confirm that I wish to sell the above-stated number of annual leave days. I understand the terms and conditions of this sale and agree to the selected payment option.

  • Employee Signature: ___________________________________
  • Date: ___________________________________

HR Use Only

  • Reviewed by: ___________________________________
  • Approved by: ___________________________________
  • Date: ___________________________________

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