End of Company sick pay confirmation letter template

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Our End of Company Sick Pay confirmation Letter Template notifies employees of the cessation of company sick pay, maintaining transparency and clarity in benefits communication.

Why this letter is necessary

The End of Company Sick Pay confirmation Letter notifies employees that their entitlement to company sick pay is ending after a specified period of absence due to illness or injury. It outlines the transition from company sick pay to statutory sick pay (SSP) or other relevant provisions, informing employees of the changes in their sick pay entitlement.

This letter serves to manage expectations and provide clarity to employees regarding their sick pay entitlements following a period of absence.

It ensures compliance with company policies and statutory regulations while maintaining transparency and communication with employees about their benefits and entitlements.

  • Employment Rights Act 1996: Specifies employees' rights to sick pay and conditions for its provision.

  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Regulations 1982: Outlines the legal requirements for employers to provide statutory sick pay to eligible employees.

  • Equality Act 2010: Ensures that the decision to end company sick pay does not discriminate against employees based on protected characteristics.

  • Data Protection Act 2018 (incorporating GDPR): Mandates the handling of personal data within the letter in compliance with data protection principles.

  • Company Sick Pay Policy: Company-specific policies may provide additional guidance and terms for the provision and termination of company sick pay.

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Sick pay policy

Our Sick Pay policy template outlines the terms and conditions for employees entitlement to sick leave and pay, providing clarity and consistency in managing absences due to illness while adhering to legal regulations and organisational standards.

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End of Company sick pay confirmation letter template


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end of company sick pay confirmation letter template

[Company name]

[Sender address]



[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]


Dear [Recipient first name],


End of Company sick pay

We hope this letter finds you well.

We are writing to inform you that, regrettably, your entitlement to company sick pay will end on [date].

As per our company policy, employees are entitled to [number of weeks/months] of sick pay, which you have now exhausted due to your recent illness. I have detailed your absence dates below:

[list absences in the relevant period that have led to the employee reaching the end of their Company sick pay entitlement.]

While we understand that this may be a challenging time for you, we want to assure you that we are here to support you in any way we can. If you require any assistance or further information regarding your sick pay entitlement, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore any available support services, such as [employee assistance program, occupational health services, etc.], to assist you in your recovery and return to work.

We value your contributions to our team and wish you a full and speedy recovery. Please keep us updated on your progress, and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Yours [faithfully | sincerely],



[Sender name]

[Sender job title]

[Sender telephone]
[Sender email]


[For, and on behalf of [Company name] ]

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