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An HR change project plan is a structured approach for managing and implementing changes to an organisation's HR policies, procedures, and practices.

Why this template is necessary

An HR change project plan is a document that outlines the steps and timelines required to implement a change in an organisation's human resources (HR) policies, processes, or systems. The purpose of the plan is to provide a roadmap for the HR team and other stakeholders to follow, ensuring that the change is implemented efficiently and effectively.

Overall, an HR change project plan is a critical tool for managing a change initiative in an organisation's HR function. By providing a clear roadmap and guidelines for implementation, the plan can help ensure that the change is successful and achieves its intended goals.


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hr change project plan template

HR change project plan


  1. Define the project scope, objectives and goals.
  2. Identify the key stakeholders and their roles.

Analysis and Planning

  1. Conduct a needs assessment and gap analysis.
  2. Determine the requirements and resources needed.
  3. Identify potential risks and challenges.
  4. Develop a detailed project plan and timeline.
  5. Set milestones and deliverables.

Communication and Engagement

  1. Develop a communication plan to keep stakeholders informed.
  2. Conduct workshops or town hall meetings to discuss the changes.
  3. Engage employees and managers in the change process.
  4. Address concerns and provide feedback mechanisms.


  1. Establish processes and systems to support the change.
  2. Train employees and managers on the new processes and policies.
  3. Implement the new HR programs or initiatives.
  4. Monitor progress and adjust as necessary.

Evaluation and Feedback

  1. Measure the success of the change initiative against the project objectives.
  2. Gather feedback from employees and managers on the impact of the changes.
  3. Identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Develop a plan to sustain the changes over time.


  1. Summarise the project outcomes and achievements.
  2. Celebrate the successful implementation of the HR change initiative.
  3. Provide recommendations for future HR projects or initiatives.

Note that the details of the project plan will vary depending on the specific HR change initiative being undertaken. The above template provides a general framework that can be adapted and customised to fit the needs of the project.

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