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HR Audit plan template

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An HR audit plan is a comprehensive review of an organisation's HR policies and practices to ensure legal compliance and identify areas for improvement.

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hr audit plan template

What is a HR Audit plan?

The purpose of an HR Audit Plan in table format is to provide a structured framework for assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of an organisation's HR policies, procedures, and practices.

The table format allows the HR auditor to identify key areas of review, record their findings, and make recommendations for improvement.

The use of tables and columns provides a clear and concise way to organise the information and helps to ensure that no critical areas are overlooked.

This format can be used to guide the audit process, facilitate discussions with key stakeholders, and ultimately improve the HR function of the organisation.

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Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide
United Kingdom

Here are some key UK employment legislations related to the implementation of an HR audit plan:

  • The Equality Act 2010: This legislation makes it illegal to discriminate against employees on the grounds of certain characteristics, such as age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, and gender reassignment. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with this legislation and treating all employees fairly and equally.

  • The Employment Rights Act 1996: This legislation sets out the minimum requirements for employment contracts, including terms and conditions of employment, such as pay, working hours, and holiday entitlement. An HR audit plan should ensure that employment contracts are up to date and compliant with this legislation.

  • The Working Time Regulations 1998: These regulations set out the maximum working week, rest breaks, and paid annual leave entitlement for employees. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with these regulations and that employees are receiving their entitlements.

  • The Data Protection Act 2018: This legislation regulates how personal data is processed and sets out the rights of individuals regarding their personal data. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with this legislation when collecting, storing, and processing employee data.

  • The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974: This legislation places a duty on employers to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their employees. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with this legislation and that appropriate health and safety measures are in place.

  • The National Minimum Wage Act 1998: This legislation sets out the minimum wage rates for different age groups and types of work. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with this legislation and paying employees at least the minimum wage rate.

  • The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006: This legislation requires employers to check the immigration status of all employees to prevent illegal working. An HR audit plan should ensure that the employer is complying with this legislation and conducting appropriate checks on employees.

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Other territories

Refer to your local employment legislation / labor laws to support the execution of the template. Review the wording for local accuracy.

HR Audit plan

# Section Area of review Key points
I Introduction

- Purpose and scope of the HR audit

- Background information on the organisation

- Key stakeholders

II HR Policies and Procedures

- Review of HR policies and procedures

- Compliance with UK laws and regulations

- Employee handbook and other HR-related documents

- Consistency and efficiency of HR processes

- Training programmes

- Internal communication channels

III Employment and Staffing

- Evaluation of the recruitment and hiring process

- Job posting and advertising

- Candidate screening and selection

- Background checks and pre-employment testing

- Compliance with UK employment laws

IV Compensation and Benefits

- Review of the compensation structure and employee benefits

- Salary and wage policies

- Employee benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off

- Compliance with UK employment laws

- Effectiveness of the employee compensation and benefits programme

V Employee Relations and Engagement

- Assessment of employee satisfaction and engagement levels

- Surveys and other feedback mechanisms

- Analysis of employee feedback

- Identification of areas for improvement

- Employee communication channels and methods

- Internal communication channels such as email, bulletin boards, and company newsletters

- Social media and other external communication channels

- Evaluation of the performance management process

- Goal-setting and performance metrics

- Performance evaluations and feedback

- Career development opportunities

VI Legal Compliance

- Assessment of compliance with UK employment laws and regulations

- Equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination laws

- Family fiendly laws

- Data protection laws

- Health and safety laws

- Time and attendance laws

- Review of employee records and documentation for completeness and accuracy

- Personnel files

- Performance evaluations

- Time and attendance records

- Evaluation of the HR department's response to employee complaints and concerns

VII Conclusion

- Summary of findings and recommendations

- Development of an action plan to address any deficiencies or areas for improvement

- Plan for follow-up audits and ongoing monitoring of HR-related activities

- Discussion of how the HR audit can be used to support the organisation's strategic goals

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