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Personal relationships at work policy

When to use it

Having individuals who are involved in relationships working alongside each can present legal and practical concerns for employers. For example, the real or perceived risk of a conflict of interest, confidentiality issues and a risk of disruption, or worse, possible legal claims if the relationship were to break down.

This policy sets out rules on the management of personal relationships at work, and what expectations there are for employees.

Personal relationships at work

The Company recognises that employees who work together may form personal friendships and, in some cases, close personal relationships. The Company does not, as a general rule, wish to interfere with such personal friendships and relationships. However, it must also ensure that employees continue to behave in an appropriate, professional and responsible manner at work and that they continue to fulfil their job duties both diligently and effectively. These rules are therefore aimed at striking a balance between your right to a private life and the Company’s right to protect its business interests.

The following rules apply to employees embarking on close personal relationships at work, whether the relationship is with a fellow worker, client, customer, supplier or contractor:

  • you must not allow your relationship to influence your conduct at work. Intimate behaviour during normal working hours or on Company or client premises is prohibited. This includes holding hands, other close physical contact, discussions of a sexual nature or kissing
  • if you embark on a relationship with another employee in your department, you should declare this to your line manager as soon as reasonably practicable
  • if you are a manager and you embark on a relationship with a more junior member of staff, you should declare this to a Director as soon as reasonably practicable. This

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Reviewed 24 January 2022

Conduct explained

Conduct policies contain the rules both employees and employers must adhere to. They outline how people should appropriately interact with one another at work.

Why are conduct policies important?

  1. They can demonstrates a Company's values
  2. They can provide guidelines for behaviour
  3. They can help the Company to act within the law
  4. They can help to improve and maintain employee morale
  5. They can enable Companies to measure employee success