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Termination of employment - during probation

Recruitment and Selection > Probation

Termination of employment - long term sickness

This action should only be taken once all other options have been explored, medical information has been sought (via Occupational Health and/or the employees GP), and medical assessments support this outcome

Managing People > Absence and Leave

Investigation plan

Use this form to determine the arragements for the investigation, including the issues to be explored, who is involved and the target date.

Managing People > Investigations

Contract Termination

Either the employee or the employer can decide to terminate a contract of employment; Employees may terminate their contract by resigning from the employer, and an employer may terminate the contract by dismissing the employee.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, and you will find templates to cover most situations in this HRDocBox.

Purchasing this HRDocBox will provide you with 12 months access to every letter, form and guide within it. You will benefit from free updates to existing documents and new documents as and when they are added.

Settlement Agreement letter - redundancy

This is a standard Settlement Agreement containing redundancy specific wording, to protect the employer against claims of unfair dismissal when terminating an employment contract.

This letter is issued in conjunction with the Settlement Agreement template.

Contract Termination > Redundancy

Termination of employment - less than 2 years service

Contract Termination > Other termination