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Performance improvement plans template

This guidance is designed to assist managers to encourage employees to achieve and maintain standards of job performance. Managers shoudl ensure consistent and fair treatment for all and to assist any employee who is considered to be experiencing difficulties in performing satisfactorily the duties required of the post to which they were appointed.

This guidance provides managers with a framework to improve an employees performance in the workplace.

Performance Improvement Plan Meetings

The purpose of the Performance Improvement Plan Meeting is to establish or clarify the cause(s) of the underperformance and to agree a Performance Improvement Plan to deal with it/them.

The steps involved:

  1. Set the scene
  2. Invite Jobholder’s View
  3. Give Manager’s View
  4. Resolution/Solution
  5. Summary of Agreement

Details of how each step should work

1. Setting the scene

The meeting should take place in private, in an environment that is comfortable, nonthreatening and away from interruptions or distractions. A representative from HR will be in attendance to take notes.

The meeting should be against a backdrop where the manager has already been giving regular feedback to the jobholder about his or her performance (i.e. not just at Appraisal meetings), including on aspects of the jobholder’s performance which are not satisfactory.

The manager should confirm that the jobholder has been offered to have a colleague or trade union rep with them in the meeting, and ask the jobholder to clarify whether they have accepted or declined the offer.

The manager should advise the jobholder that notes are being taken of the meeting; that a copy of the notes will be provided to him or her; and that the notes will not be copied to any other party.

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