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Taking time off work (general absence) policy

A general absence policy should make clear exactly what's expected from both the employer and employee if the employee needs to take time off work for reasons other than holiday (annual leave) or sickness.


Taking time off work (general absence)


The provisions relating to your entitlement to paid annual leave are set out in your [Contract of Employment | Statement of Terms and Conditions] and in the separate Annual Leave policy.


Subject to complying with the relevant provisions as to notice and to the requirements of the Company’s business, you will normally be allowed to use your annual leave entitlement to observe special religious holidays.


Should you be called up for jury service or required to attend court to give evidence as a witness, you must notify your line manager as soon as reasonably practicable. Time off work will normally be granted in these circumstances. You will be required to provide a copy of the court summons to support your request for time off work.

You have no contractual or statutory right to be paid for time not worked due to jury service or other related public duties. Any payment of salary made by the Company during this period is done so in its absolute discretion and will be subject to the deduction of any monies received from the court in respect of loss of earnings. You must therefore submit a claim to the court for loss of earnings and claim the full allowance available to you.

If on any day on which you attend court you are told that your services are not required, you must then return to work and report to your line manager before starting work.


If you are a member of the reserved armed forces, you may use your paid annual leave entitlement to carry out your duties, provided you comply with the provisions relating to paid annual leave set out in the section on Holidays. The Company expects you to use your paid annual leave first before applying for further time off.

Otherwise, any further time off relating to membership of the reserved ar

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