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Recruitment document package

Employee referencing document library

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Employee referencing explained

A reference is sought when an employee is applying for a position at a company. It is used to ascertain the employee's abilities, work ethic and experience from a previous employer.

What's included in this library?

References are an incredibly important factor of recruitment for one main reason; they validate (or not) what the candidate has put on their CV and told you during selection.

All references must be fair and accurate. They should be used as a supplement to an interview, and will only come into play if they contradict what the candidate says at the interview.

Contrary to popular belief, an employer can give a bad reference and include details if an employee was dismissed, as long as there is evidence to back up the statement, such as warning letters or appraisal notes.

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Declaration of consent to reference form template

If you are requesting a reference for a new joiner from a previous employer, the new joiner must give you authorisation to approach their former employer to share their personal details to you.

Reference received acknowledgement letter template

This document is used where the Company wishes to acknowledge receipt of a reference given by another Company or individual, concerning a new joiner.

Reference request form template

This form can be sent standalone to a referee nominated by the new employee, or alongside a cover letter.

Reference request letter template

This letter is to be used when writing to a referee nominated by a job applicant.