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Induction program checklist form template

This document is used as a checklist to record key stages of a new employee commencing work with a Company, such as meeting key staff, completing important documentation or contracts, and understanding Company/department value


Induction program checklist

Job title:  
Start date:  

Pre-joining - HR tasks

Task Date Completed
Issue offer/contract  
Initiate eligibility to work checks  
Organise PPE ready for day 1  
Request references  
Organise attendance at next department presentations  
Organise welcome meeting with MD (to run with no less than 2 new joiners at a time)  
Organise Office IT Systems induction  
Inform the Company  

Pre-joining - Line Manager tasks

Task Date Completed
Determine office/work location requirements  
Organise training  
Select Buddy (Choose someone who has agreed to be a point of contact for a new member of staff and who can provide informal guidance and encouragement during their first few weeks of employment)  

Day 1

Task Date Completed
Introduction to the Company:


Complete joiner forms

Issue and talk through Induction pack containing:

  • Induction policy
  • Induction checklist (this document)
  • Mission, Vision, values
  • History
  • Key policies
  • Organisation chart
  • Culture of the Company
  • Make new start aware of local arrangements regarding hours of work, holiday requests, sickness procedure, after hours working, dress code, lunch arrangements, etc.
  • Other info such as transportation and parking, etc.
Review Terms and Conditions

Ensure new starter has viewed and understood information contained in their terms and conditions.


Health and Safety/Site Security induction:

  • Physical – fire exits, fire alarms, fire evacuation procedure, fire-training arrangements, manual handli

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25 March 2021


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