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Annual leave request form template

Reviewed 12 March 2021

This manual form is used to request and approve annual leave, and incorporates flexibility regarding leave being taken in days or hours, and shift workers.

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Annual leave request



PLEASE NOTE: First day and Last day means your first and last days of leave; Last day does not refer to your first day back at work after your leave.

[Shift Workers: Please count only those days you would have been scheduled to work (including Sats/ Suns/Bank Holidays). Do not include your normal off days in the number of days to be deducted.]

If taking a half day, specify AM or PM in the appropriate box(es).

First day of leave (date):  
Last day of leave (date):  
Total number of [days|hours] taken:  
Remaining entitlement (after taking these [days|hours]:  

I have read and understood the [Company Annual Leave|Holiday] policy and have completed this form in accordance with the appropriate guidance.

Signed (employee):  
Approved (line manager):  

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