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Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent form template

When to use it

In some circumstances drug testing may be justified where working under the influence of drugs could give rise to health and safety considerations or serious damage to the employer's business.

The use and application of testing must be justified, necessary and proportionate.

Testing should be done with employee consent (although an employer can make withholding consent a disciplinary matter).

Employers must also comply with the data protection principles relevant to sensitive personal data. 

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent

I have been fully informed of the reasons for this urine test for drug and/or alcohol. I understand what I am being tested for, the procedure involved, and do hereby freely give my consent. In addition, I understand that the results of this test will become part of my record.

If this test result is positive I understand that I will be given the opportunity to explain the results of this test.

Employee name: &

The full Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent form template will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 1 June 2021

Job offer explained

Job offer letters start the employment relationship off on a positive note. They let the candidate know that they were chosen specifically and that you recognise the skills and experience they bring to your company. This encourages new employees to feel confident, not only of their decision to have accepted your job offer, but in their ability to perform the job itself.