Hiring managers recruitment checklist form template

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Our Hiring Managers Recruitment Checklist Form template assists managers in navigating the recruitment process, ensuring thoroughness and compliance at each step.

Why this form is necessary

This template serves as a comprehensive checklist for hiring managers, aiding them in efficiently navigating the various stages of the recruitment process. By outlining crucial steps such as job description review, interview coordination, and candidate assessment, it ensures consistent and structured hiring practices. Ultimately, this form optimises communication between hiring managers and HR teams, fostering a streamlined approach to selecting the most suitable candidates.


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hiring managers recruitment checklist form template


  1. Review the post:
  • Is it necessary?
  • Does it need to be changed?
  • Can the duties be adequately covered elsewhere?

If significant changes are required or it is a new post please discuss the details in relation to grade and salary with the HR Department /appropriate Director

  1. Complete a Job Vacancy Form ensuring approval of appropriate Director.

If post is newly established then seek confirmation of funding from the Finance department.

  1. Review / complete the job description and person specification.
  2. Put together an information pack for the vacancy.
  3. Decide the most effective way to recruit to the post. For example internal advert / job centre / national press etc.
  4. Design the advert.

This should be done in conjunction with the HR department. Decide on a closing date, method of application (e.g. C.V. or application form), whether a pre-interview visit will be required and who should be contacted for applicant enquiries. The HR department will process the advert, send out information packs and collate applications ready for short-listing.


  1. Decide on the interview panel as soon as possible and arrange a suitable date with them.
  2. Applications will be forwarded to you from the HR department on the closing date. These may be inspected at any time prior to this.
  3. With at least one other member of the interview panel, shortlist for the post using the person specification.
  4. Decide whether it would be appropriate to use alternative selection methods, for example psychometric or skill testing.
  5. Let the HR department have the short-list, they will arrange to contact the candidates and set up the interviews / tests etc. They will also contact unsuccessful applicants.
  6. At least one week before the interviews, the panel will receive an interview pack containing the applications and other details.
  7. References should be collected from the HR department immediately prior to the interviews.
  8. Ensure arrangements are in hand to welcome candidates as they arrive, to escort them to the interview and to the medical if appropriate.
  9. Complete the interview, and taking account of the outcome of any testing, decide on the most suitable candidate. Contact them by phone and offer the post (conditionally when details such as references, medical etc. have to be confirmed) agreeing verbally the salary and start date.
  10. Return all interview packs and references to the HR department. They will contact all other unsuccessful candidates by phone the same day if possible, and undertake the necessary administration.
  11. Set up an individual induction programme for the new appointment.


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