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Performance appraisal guide

Why you need to add this to your Performance appraisal portfolio...

This is a complete guide for an appraiser and how to use performance development reviews in practice. This guide details preparation, from setting up the environment, to what questions to ask and how to record the process.

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Performance appraisal guide

Performance appraisal


Part of the preparation for review should include an explanation of the process to the individual. It is important that he/she understands the reviews purpose and its process. He or she should feel that nothing is held back. Such openness makes it less likely that he/she will feel tricked or unfairly treated by the system, and will encourage him/her to be open about their performance. Therefore, before the individual begins his/her preparations for the review meeting, the review arrangements should be fully explained.

You can emphasise the following aspects of the system:

  • The review will happen regularly as an ongoing practice
  • The review should be of mutual benefit and not a mere exercise of managerial judgement
  • The individuals views and suggestions will be valued
  • The individual should expect to be treated fairly
  • The review is and will remain confidential between those who are responsible for managing the individual.

Preparing for the review meeting should be a two way process between you and the individual. As the line manager you will need to:

  1. Give the individual adequate notice of the review meeting and arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and place.
  2. Explain the purpose of the meeting and encourage the individual to prepare beforehand by thinking about what he/she wishes to discuss during the meeting. Ask him/her to think about the following:
    1. Your job - does your job description need updating because of any changed responsibility?
    2. How well have you performed? Think about how well you have performed since the last review, set against the objectives/tasks that were set.
    3. Did you have any difficulties in achieving those objectives? Have you had difficulties with a

Reviewed: 13/03/21
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