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Standards of behaviour at work policy

Reviewed 31 March 2021

Standards of behaviour means the minimum standards of conduct and performance that you should expect from your employees.

Whilst it is not possible to set out in detail the standards expected  in every respect, this document provides some clarity on important aspects.

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Standards of behaviour at work


[Company] does not seek to inhibit individual choice in relation to your appearance. However, you are expected to dress appropriately at all times in relation to your role, and to ensure that your personal hygiene and grooming are properly attended to prior to presenting yourself at work.

If we have supplied you with a uniform of other apparel, then you must wear this at all times when required to do so; it is your responsibility to ensure that this is clean and presentable.

If you have any queries about what is appropriate, these should be directed to your line manager.

Access to Company Premises

You will be issued with an [identity badge / access code] allowing access to your workplace. This remains the property of [Company] loss of your [identity badge / access code] (or accidental disclosure to someone) must be reported immediately to your line manager.

You must not bring any unauthorised person on to [Company] property without prior agreement from your line manager, unless you are authorised to do so as part of your job. In these circumstances you are responsible for ensuring that your visitors are appropriately monitored during their stay, and that they do not access areas or company property inappropriately.

You must not remove [Company] property from the organisation's premises unless prior authority from your line manager has been given.

Personal Property

Any personal property such as jewellery, cash, credit cards, clothes, cars, motorbikes or bicycles etc. left on [Company] premises is done so entirely at your own risk. You are strongly advised not to leave any valuables unattended, either on our premises, our vehicles or in your own vehicle. [Company] does accept liability for loss or damage to any personal property whatsoever.

Telephones & Correspondence

Company telephone / mobile phone or postal facilities must not be used for private purposes without prior permission from your line manager. If, for any reason, personal use is made of these items then arrangements must be made to pay the cost price of all services used. Abuse of these facilities will be considered a potential disciplinary matter.

Smoking and Other Substances at Work

Legislation now exist which makes it illegal to smoke in enclosed public spaces. Smoking is therefore strictly prohibited on all [Company] premises (including entrances and exits) and vehicles.

[Outside areas have been identified for those who wish to smoke during their break-time. Should you wish to use these facilities, please speak to your line manager.]

Bringing alcohol or any unlawful drugs to the workplace, and / or consuming them there is strictly prohibited both during work time or during a period prior to work where the effects carry over to the workplace. Any such instances will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure and may lead to your summary dismissal.


During the course of your employment [Company] you may find yourself in possession of sensitive information, the disclosure of which could be construed as a breach of confidentiality. It is a condition of your employment that you have a duty of confidentiality to the Company, and you must not discuss any Company sensitive or confidential matter whatsoever with any outside organisation including the media.

Any such breach of confidentiality would be deemed as gross misconduct except as otherwise provided or as permitted by any current legislation (e.g. the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998) and could lead to your dismissal.

Computer, email and Internet use

You may have access to the Company's computers including email and access to the internet. You must not abuse this by using these facilities for purposes unrelated to [Company] business.

[Limited personal use of the internet is permitted during your formal breaks. All internet use is monitored and accessing pornographic or other unsuitable material, including auction or certain social networking sites is strictly prohibited and would be considered a serious disciplinary offence which may result in dismissal.]

Only software packages properly authorised and installed by the Company may be used on Company equipment, you must therefore not load any unauthorised software onto Company computers.

If you have a Company email address, this is provided for responsible use on Company business and should not be used in any other way whatsoever.

[All staff must make themselves familiar with the Company's IT Policy available from your line manager.]

Receipt of Gifts

Your working relationships may bring you into contact with outside organisations where it is normal business practice or social convention to offer hospitality, and sometimes gifts. Offers of this kind to you or your family can place you in a difficult position. Therefore no employee or any member of his or her immediate family should accept from a supplier, customer or other person doing business with [Company], payments of money under any circumstances, or special considerations, such as discounts or gifts of materials, equipment, services, facilities or anything else of value unless:

  • They are in each instance of a very minor nature usually associated with accepted business practice.
  • They do not improperly interfere with your independence of judgement or action in the performance of your employment.

In every circumstance where a gift is offered, the advice of your line manager should be sought.

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