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Induction guide

Reviewed 31 March 2021

This document gives pointers on what is important to deliver as part of an effective induction process. This will ofetn be different for different Companies and organisations, but there are CORE elements that should always be delivered.



The purpose of an induction procedure is to assist a new employee in the onboarding process. Starting a new job is a stressful experience, due to new situations and demands plus fears of looking silly. During the settling - in period, a new employee is unlikely to be effective or fully productive and may even leave if the feelings of unease are strong enough.

It is therefore worth spending time on effective induction, as real cost savings can be made on avoidance of accidents caused through unfamiliarity, rapid achievement of full productivity and avoidence of costs incurred in unnecessary recruitment to replace lost employees.

How to induct successfully

To achieve successful induction, a systematic plan should be followed. This is to enable records to be kept and thus ensure that information is not missed out.

A check list of points to be included in induction is attached.

Although induction is of vital importance to new employees, anyone who is promoted or transferred from one job to another should also be inducted.

In general, the aim of induction should be to convey a clear picture of the working of the organisation.

The HR Department

The HR Department will be the first calling place for new employees. The following points will be covered : -

  • A warm welcome to the Company. The Company and employing Department management structure will be outlined and a brief description of the Company given.
  • Employee Qualifications/ Training /Professional Registration details (as appropriate.) will be confirmed and copies taken for personnel files.
  • The importance of maintaining appropriate professional registration if required will be emphasised and attention drawn to the contactual requirement to do so.
  • The need for confidenti

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