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Zero hours contract letter template

A model zero hours contract letter template which is in line with best practice, contains clear and effective wording, and is easy to edit.

[Company name]

[Sender address]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]

Dear [Recipient first name],


The organisations need for individuals to perform work varies from time to time, and you have confirmed that you may be available for work. The organisation is not obliged to offer you work at any time, and you are not entitled to a minimum number of hours of work per day, week or year. If the organisation does offer you work, you are under no obligation to accept it.

In the event that you do agree to undertake work (the assignment), you will be required to complete it to the organisations satisfaction.

Your hours of work for each assignment will be [start] to [finish] [day] to [day], during which [number] [minutes|hour] per day may be taken for lunch, which will be [un]paid.

Continuity of service

This agreement governs the relationship between you and the organisation in the event that the organisation offers you work and you choose to accept it. It does not create legal relations until you choose to accept an assignment.

There is no continuity of service between you and the organisation between the termination of one assignment and the commencement of the next assignment. If you accept an assignment, your period of continuous employment will begin on the date on which the assignment starts and will end on the date of termination of the assignment. No employment with a previous employer or under a previous assignment counts towards a period of continuous employment.

Where the organisation offers an assignment to you, it does not give rise to a presumption that it will offer you further assignments, nor that you will accept any work that it offers to you in the future.

Notice of assignment

A minimum of seven calendar days prior to the commencement of an assignment, the organisation will telephone you to explain the work that it wishes you to carry out and the date that the assignment is

The full Zero hours contract letter template will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 11 February 2022

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