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Individual stress risk assessment form template

Reviewed 1 June 2021

Employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work.

This risk assessment can be used to support discussions with individuals or teams to systematically work through the pressures and consider if these are a source of stress and, if so, if any action can be taken to reduce the risks to performance and health.

Individual risk assessments are facilitated by the Line Manager. It is useful if the individual employee has an opportunity to look through the risk assessment in advance of the one-on-one meeting. 

Individual stress risk assessment

Assessment date:  
Assessed by:  

Role Definition

Are you clear what is expected within role? Yes | No

Do you understand your duties and responsibilities?

If no, agree duties and responsibilities expected ensuring excessive and unreasonable demands are not made

Yes | No

Do you know how to go about getting your job done?

If no, provide regular clear feedback on performance

Yes | No

Do you know the goals and objectives for the department?

If no, clarify goals and objectives for the individual and department – ensuring no ambiguity

Yes | No


Can you set your own work speed? Yes | No
Can you decide when to take a break? Yes | No

Do you have any say in how you do and plan your work?

If no, where practicable, enable staff to exert autonomy within role, encourage delegation and empowerment of others, encourage training to support delegation (to individual and team).

Yes | No

Work Pressures - High

Are your deadlines within role unachievable?

If yes, offer support in prioritising tasks and cut out unnecessary work and bureaucracy, assist in the scheduling of work to ensure adequate and appropriate resources.

Yes | No

Are you required to work long hours?

If yes, avoid encouraging staff to work long hours, take work home or build excessive flexi. Encourage staff to take annual leave allowance.

Yes | No

Are your time pressures unrealistic?

If yes, try to give warning of urgent jobs, meet regularly to review workload.

Yes | No

Are you subject to work demands from different groups that are hard to combine?

If yes, ensure job demands are matched in terms of quantity, complexity and intensity to individuals skills and abilities, support staff when undertaking new and unfamiliar tasks.

Yes | No

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