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Approval to recruit form template

Hiring managers should seek authorisation for recruitment to all positions. This includes the use of temporary agency and consultancy staff. This form will support a formal request and approval process.

Approval to recruit

Why does this role need to be filled?

You should carefully review the need for the role to determine if it is still required and if so whether it needs to be filled on the same basis or in a different way.

You should firstly consider how you would manage the impact on customers and delivery by not recruiting. You should then review the options below:

  • Is re-distribution of work possible amongst existing team members?
  • Would restructuring remove the need for the role?
  • Is there an opportunity to streamline working practices and processes which could remove the need for the role?
  • Is there an opportunity for an existing employee to act up or be seconded into the role?

If you believe that the role does need to be filled you should consider whether the role could be filled on a temporary basis, fixed term contract or by secondment rather than on a permanent basis.

STEP 1: Hiring Manager: Please complete Section 1 below for all roles, including agency staff, and then forward to your Department Director for review/approval.

The full Approval to recruit form template will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 2 May 2022

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