Non-solicitation agreement template

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Use this model non-solicitation agreement to ensure that an employee does not solicit after leaving the Company.

Why this template is necessary

A non-solicitation agreement is a contract by which an employee is bound by the law not to solicit a company's clients, customers, or employees for his or her own benefit.

Neither can the employee do any solicitation for a competitor of the previous employer after leaving the company.


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non-solicitation agreement template

Non-solicitation agreement

One of the most valuable assets of the Company is the contact that you will have and the relationship that you will be encouraged to build up with the Company's Customers. You acknowledge that this contact and the relationship is capable of being misused unfairly against the Company if after your contract with this Company has ceased it is exploited for your own benefit or that of another person in competition against the Company.

For this reason you hereby agree that you will not during your contract with the Company or any associated or subsidiary companies, or for a period of [6|12] months following the date of leaving this Company, in respect of any aspect of the business which the Company undertakes, solicit or attempt to solicit the custom of, or sell, or deliver to or accept work for private gain and/or for any third party, from any private individual, firm or company or otherwise deal with any person who at the date of termination of your contract is a customer or potential customer of the Company to whom you have personally sold and/or delivered the Company's products on behalf of the Company, or whom you had introduced to the Company, or approached on behalf of the Company, or with whom you had any business dealings or knowledge of during your contract with the Company.

After your contract with this Company has ceased you also agree that you will not except in a purely social capacity, contact, deal with, attempt to solicit custom from, any customer of the Company with whom you had any business dealings during your contract with the Company nor will you attempt to interfere with the existing business relations between any customers or employees and the Company nor provide whether directly or indirectly your assistance to any other person so as to enable or facilitate that other person to solicit the custom of or sell and/or delivered the company's products and equipment on behalf of the Company to any customer of the Company.

You are strictly forbidden from making any contact, whether formal or informal, written or oral to any of the Company's past current or prospective suppliers or customers for any purpose other than for the legitimate business interests of this Company. Such a purpose might include but is not limited to, an intention to set up a competing business or work for a rival after leaving this Company. Any breach of this clause may render you liable to serious disciplinary action, which will result in summary dismissal if the circumstances warrant it.

If within a period of [6|12] months after your contract with this Company has ceased you shall be engaged by a competitor of the Company in common any capacity with any other former worker of the Company who shall him/herself be subject to the same or similar restraints by the Company to those contained above, then you will not for any period whilst those restraints on that other worker remain in force, and in respect of sale or delivery of the Company's products and equipment, solicit the custom of or sell, distribute or deliver to any customer to whom that other worker is him/herself restrained from selling, distributing or delivering.

Provided whilst each of the restrictions above are considered by the parties to be reasonable in all the circumstances as at the date hereof, it is hereby agreed and declared that if any one or more of such restrictions shall be judged to be void as going beyond what is reasonable in all the circumstances for the protection of the interests of the Company but would be valid if words were deleted therefrom or the period thereof reduced, or the range of activities or area covered thereby reduced in scope, the said restriction shall be deemed to apply with such modifications or restriction found in any event to be void, shall not thereby affect the validity of any other restriction contained therein.

Issued by (for Employer)


Date: [date]

Received by [employee name] (Employee)



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