Retirement announcement script template

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Our Retirement Announcement Script template respectfully informs the team about an employee's retirement, celebrating their contributions and wishing them well in their next chapter.

Why this script is necessary

A retirement announcement script is a written or spoken message that announces an employee's retirement to colleagues, customers, or stakeholders. It typically includes information about the employee's departure, their contributions to the organisation, and may include plans for succession or transition.

Overall, a retirement announcement script should be respectful, heartfelt, and celebratory, and should convey the company's appreciation and gratitude for the retiring employee's contributions and service.

There are no specific employment laws that need to be considered, but it is still important to be mindful of certain general principles.

  1. Non-Discrimination: The announcement should not discriminate against the retiring employee on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, disability, or any other protected characteristic.
  2. Privacy: The announcement should respect the retiring employee's privacy and obtain their consent before sharing any personal information or messages publicly.
  3. Consistency: The announcement should be consistent with the company's policies and practices, and should not create a perception of unfairness or inconsistency among other employees.
  4. Gratitude: The announcement should express the company's gratitude and appreciation for the retiring employee's service and contributions, and convey best wishes for their future endeavours.

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retirement announcement script template

Retirement announcement Script

I wish to announce that [name of employee] is to retire from [Company] on [date].

As some of you will know, [name of employee] has worked for [Company] for [number] years. He/she/they currently hold[s] the post of [job title] in the [name of department] department.

[We are holding [an informal/a formal] retirement celebration for [name of employee] and you are cordially invited to attend. This will take place on [date] at [time] at [place]. The celebration is likely to last approximately [one hour/two hours].]

I am sure you will join with me to wish [name of employee] all the best for his/her/their retirement.

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