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Annual leave policy

An annual leave policy makes it clear what staff are and aren’t entitled to. It also outlines how holiday will be granted and any periods of business where holiday will be refused, for example, if one of your busiest periods is the run-up to Christmas.

Having it written down avoids disputes down the line for both you and staff over who is entitled to what and when.


Annual leave

Your paid annual leave entitlement is set out in your [Contract of Employment | Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment].

The Companys holiday year runs from [insert date] to [insert date]. You must use all of your holiday entitlement by the last day of each holiday year and, unless there are exceptional circumstances and unless approved in writing in advance by your line manager, you may not carry your holiday entitlement forward into the next holiday year. Holiday entitlement not used by the correct date will usually be lost and under no circumstances will payment in lieu be made for holiday entitlement that is lost through not being exercised by the correct date.

Your line manager must approve all requests for annual leave in writing in advance. You must not book holidays until your request has been formally authorised. You should endeavour to give as much notice as possible of proposed annual leave dates. In any event, such notice must be at least twice the number of days’ leave as that you wish to take as annual leave. The Company will try to co-operate with your holiday plans where possible, but this is always subject to the requirements of the Companys business and to adequate staffing levels being maintained at all times.

[[insert number] days of your annual holiday entitlement must be taken, e.g. during the off-peak summer months/at Christmas, when the Company operates a shutdown. The Company will give you notice of the exact dates you are required to take as annual leave as early as possible after the start of the holiday year and in any event at least one month in advance of the shutdown.]

No more than two weeks paid annual leave may be taken at any one time without the prior written agreement

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8 March 2021


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