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Reimbursement of Expenses policy

When to use it

A model reimbursement of expenses policy which is in line with best practice, contains clear and effective wording, and is easy to edit.

Reimbursement of Expenses


Expenses incurred by employees will be reimbursed in accordance with these rules. These rules are designed to provide for the reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses wholly, exclusively, necessarily and actually incurred by an employee engaged on the business of the Company.


This company travel policy is applicable to all employees of [company name].

General principles

In order to claim back expenses, you must complete and sign a claim form, have it countersigned by your line manager and then submit it to [insert name of contact]. You are expected to provide original VAT receipts for expenditure incurred where this is reasonably practicable and you should give a full description of the expenditure incurred and why it was necessary. You should ensure all expense claims are made and submitted promptly.

The Company does not advance expenses.

Travelling expenses

The Company will reimburse travelling expenses necessarily incurred for business purposes. This is generally limited to the cost of travel from the Company’s office to the business destination and return. Journeys between an employee’s home and normal place of work are considered private and do not constitute business travel. Under no circumstances should you claim the cost of your journeys from home to your normal place of work.

The following expenses will be paid:

  • where you use your own

The full Reimbursement of Expenses policy will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 1 May 2022