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Gifts From Clients or Suppliers policy

When to use it

This policy covers gifts from third parties and corporate hospitality.

Gifts From Clients or Suppliers


The Company's aim is always to ensure customer and client satisfaction. Occasionally, satisfied customers, clients or other third parties may seek to reward employees with gifts or hospitality.


This company travel policy is applicable to all employees of [company name].

General principles

Whilst the Company has no desire to stop deserving employees receiving a reward from a satisfied customer or client, there is the potential for the abuse of a clients or customers generosity. In addition, certain suppliers offer reward schemes which allow employees to obtain free gifts in return for ordering services or products from that supplier.

The Company needs to be sure it's suppliers are competitive and that it's employees are acting in the best interests of the Company. As such, the Company needs to ensure there is a culture of honesty and transparency in the practice of receiving gifts, whether

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Reviewed 30 April 2022