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Use of Company equipment policy

A model use of company equipment policy which is in line with best practice, contains clear and effective wording, and is easy to edit.

Use of Company equipment

In order to enable some employees to work from home or otherwise away from the Company’s premises, the Company may provide them with designated items of office equipment. Office equipment may include computer hardware and software, laptop, printer, scanner, telephone, fax machine, answer machine, mobile phone, desk, chair, filing cabinet or any other item of office equipment. If you are provided with any items of office equipment, you agree that you will be responsible for ensuring they are properly looked after and stored and otherwise kept safely at all times. You will be required to pay to the Company the reasonable replacement cost of any item of office equipment which is lost or stolen whilst under your control due to your negligence or deliberate or reckless act or omission. You agree to provide your written consent for the Company to deduct a sum equal to the reasonable replacement cost from your wages should an item of office equipment be lost or stolen whilst under your control due to your negligence or deliberate or reckless act or omission.

The Company reserves the right to require you to return any item of office equipment at any time during your employment for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of any privilege of working from home and/or working away from the Company’s premises. You have no contractual entitlement to the use of the office equipment and therefore withdrawal of its use at any time does not entitle you to claim any form of damages or compensation. In addition, on the termination of your employment for any reason, you must promptly and without unreasonable delay return any items of office equipment and, in

The full Use of Company equipment policy will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 7 October 2018

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