Pregnancy notification checklist form template

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Our pregnancy notification checklist is designed to guide managers through key steps when an employee notifies them verbally of their pregnancy. It ensures a supportive and organised approach to maternity management.

Why this form is necessary

This Pregnancy Notification checkist form is a concise checklist facilitating managers through crucial steps when an employee verbally discloses their pregnancy.

It ensures managers approach these conversations with empathy, adhere to legal obligations, and foster a supportive workplace environment for expectant employees.

Workflow sequence

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Guide to managing maternity leave

Our Guide to Managing Maternity Leave streamlines the complex process, ensuring compliance and smooth transitions for both employees and managers.

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Pregnancy notification checklist form template
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Maternity leave acknowledgement (eligible for maternity pay) letter template

If an employee has notified you that they intend to take maternity leave, issue this model letter template as acknowledgement, and to inform them that they are eligible for Maternity Pay.

Implementation timeline

Action Timeline
Acknowledge Pregnancy Announcement Immediate
Schedule Private Meeting Within 1 week
Verify Eligibility and Discuss Dates Within 2 weeks
Provide Information on Maternity Leave and Benefits Within 2 weeks
Instruct Employee on Written Notification Within 2 weeks
Explain MATB1 Form and Submission Within 2 weeks
Advise Submission of MATB1 Form (around 20th week) Around 20th week before Expected Week of Childbirth (EWC)
Discuss Return to Work Plans During Initial Meeting and Ongoing Discussions
Schedule Follow-Up Check-Ins Periodically throughout Pregnancy and Maternity Leave
Establish Documentation Retention System Within 2 weeks

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pregnancy notification checklist form template

Pregnancy notification checklist

Upon Verbal Notification

Acknowledge the employee's pregnancy announcement with sensitivity and support.
Schedule a private meeting to discuss the employee's plans and any immediate concerns.

Confirm Eligibility and Dates

Verify the employee's eligibility for maternity leave and pay (at least 26 weeks of service by the end of the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth).
Discuss tentative maternity leave start date and the expected week of childbirth (EWC).

Provide Information on Maternity Leave and Statutory Benefits

Briefly explain the statutory maternity leave duration (52 weeks) and statutory maternity pay (SMP) details.
Share information on the notice period (at least 15 weeks before the EWC).

Documentation Submission

Instruct the employee to submit a written notification, including the EWC and the intended start date of maternity leave.
Inform the employee about the MATB1 form and the importance of obtaining it from their healthcare provider.

MATB1 Form Submission Timeline

Advise the employee to submit the MATB1 form as soon as it is received, ideally around the 20th week before the EWC.
Emphasise the significance of the MATB1 form for processing statutory maternity pay and leave.

Returning to Work Planning

Discuss the employee's intentions regarding returning to work after maternity leave.
Clarify the commitment to provide the same job or a suitable alternative upon return.


Schedule periodic check-ins to discuss any additional support or adjustments needed during the pregnancy.
Stay informed about the employee's well-being and work requirements throughout the maternity leave period.

Documentation Retention

Establish a secure system for retaining maternity-related documentation for record-keeping and compliance purposes.

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