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Office lighting policy template

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Our Office Lighting Policy Template ensures adequate and efficient lighting in the workplace, promoting employee well-being, productivity, and compliance with health and safety standards.

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office lighting policy template

What is an Office lighting policy?

The purpose of this Office lighting policy template is to provide you with a flexible and customisable document to serve as a robust and effective starting point for you.

By using our Office lighting policy template, you can streamline your process, maintain consistency and accuracy, and save time, and it can be easily adapted to fit your specific scenario.

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Office lighting


The aim of this policy is to optimise energy efficiency, minimise electricity consumption, and create a comfortable and productive working environment for all employees.

1. Daylight Utilisation:

  • Wherever possible, maximise the use of natural daylight by positioning workstations near windows and ensuring window treatments allow for sufficient light penetration.

  • Encourage employees to keep blinds or curtains open during daylight hours to minimise the need for artificial lighting.

2. Task Lighting:

  • Provide individual task lighting options such as desk lamps or adjustable overhead lights to allow employees to illuminate their immediate work areas without relying on full room lighting.

3. General Lighting Schedule:

  • Standard Operating Hours: Set default lighting levels for general office spaces during regular operating hours (e.g., 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

  • Morning Adjustment: Gradually increase lighting levels in the morning to align with natural light changes and assist employees in transitioning to the workday.

  • Afternoon Dimming: Dim overhead lighting slightly during midday hours when natural light is abundant, maintaining a balance between artificial and natural illumination.

  • Evening Reduction: Reduce lighting levels in the late afternoon or evening as daylight diminishes, optimising energy use while still providing adequate illumination for task completion.

4. Motion Sensors:

  • Install motion sensors in areas with intermittent or low occupancy, such as meeting rooms, restrooms, and storage areas, to automatically activate lights when needed and deactivate them when not in use.

5. Energy-Efficient Lighting Fixtures:

  • Utilise energy-efficient lighting technologies such as LED bulbs or fluorescent tubes throughout the office space to reduce electricity consumption and lower maintenance costs.

6. Employee Awareness:

  • Educate employees about the importance of energy conservation and encourage their participation in turning off lights when leaving rooms or areas not in use.

  • Provide reminders and signage in strategic locations to reinforce energy-saving behaviors and promote a culture of sustainability within the workplace.

7. Regular Monitoring and Adjustment:

  • Periodically review and adjust the lighting schedule based on seasonal changes, daylight hours, and occupancy patterns to ensure continued optimisation of energy usage and employee comfort.


By implementing this policy, we aim to achieve significant energy savings, reduce environmental impact, and create a well-lit and sustainable workspace conducive to employee productivity and well-being. Regular monitoring and employee engagement will be essential in maintaining the effectiveness of this plan over time.

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