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Redeployment policy template

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Our Redeployment Policy facilitates smooth transitions, providing guidelines and support for employees facing role changes within the company.

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redeployment policy template

What is a Redeployment policy?

Our Redeployment Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for facilitating the internal transfer of employees to alternative roles within the organisation. It aims to support employees facing redundancy by offering opportunities for redeployment, thus minimising the impact on both individuals and the business.

The policy sets out the criteria for identifying suitable redeployment options, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the process.

By providing clear procedures and support mechanisms, our Redeployment Policy promotes a proactive approach to managing workforce changes and preserving talent within the organisation. It underscores our commitment to employee well-being and career development while enabling the efficient utilisation of skills across different areas of the business.

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The purpose of this Redeployment Policy is to provide a framework for facilitating the internal mobility of employees within the organisation. Redeployment offers employees the opportunity to explore new roles, develop their skills, and contribute to the organisation's goals, while also supporting workforce optimisation and talent retention.


This policy applies to all employees of [Company Name] who are eligible for redeployment as per the criteria outlined herein.

General Principles


Employees eligible for redeployment include those who:

  • Have been identified for redundancy due to organisational restructuring, role changes, or other business reasons.

  • Voluntarily express interest in exploring alternative roles within the organisation.

  • Are unable to continue in their current role due to health reasons, workplace adjustments, or other relevant factors.

Redeployment Process

  • Identification: HR will work with relevant departments to identify potential redeployment opportunities based on the skills, qualifications, and preferences of employees eligible for redeployment.

  • Expression of Interest: Eligible employees will have the opportunity to express their interest in available redeployment opportunities through a formal process facilitated by HR.

  • Skills Assessment: HR will conduct a skills assessment to determine the suitability of redeploying employees for specific roles. This may involve interviews, assessments, and discussions with relevant stakeholders.

  • Matching Process: HR will match redeployable employees with suitable vacancies within the organisation based on their skills, qualifications, and organisational needs.

  • Offer and Acceptance: Once a suitable match is identified, HR will extend a redeployment offer to the employee, outlining the terms and conditions of the new role. The employee will have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer.

  • Transition Support: HR, in collaboration with relevant departments, will provide support to employees transitioning into their new roles, including orientation, training, and ongoing assistance as needed.

  • Review and Feedback: The redeployment process will be periodically reviewed to identify areas for improvement, and feedback from employees and stakeholders will be solicited to enhance the effectiveness of the program.


All information related to redeployment, including employee expressions of interest, skills assessments, and redeployment offers, will be treated with strict confidentiality to ensure the privacy and dignity of employees involved.


This policy complies with all relevant employment laws, regulations, and collective agreements governing redeployment practices within the organisation.


  • HR: HR is responsible for overseeing the redeployment process, including identifying redeployment opportunities, facilitating employee expressions of interest, conducting skills assessments, and providing support to employees throughout the transition process.

  • Managers: Managers are responsible for collaborating with HR to identify potential redeployment opportunities within their teams, supporting employees in exploring new roles, and facilitating a smooth transition for redeployed employees.

  • Employees: Employees are encouraged to actively participate in the redeployment process by expressing their interest in alternative roles, engaging in skills assessments, and proactively seeking opportunities for career development within the organisation.

Review and Amendments

This policy will be reviewed periodically by HR to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Amendments may be made as necessary to reflect changes in organisational needs, business strategies, or legislative requirements.


This policy will be communicated to all employees through appropriate channels, and training will be provided to HR, managers, and employees to ensure understanding and compliance.


Enquiries regarding this policy should be directed to the HR Department.


This Redeployment Policy has been approved by [Name/Position] and is effective from [Effective Date].

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Author: [name, job title]

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