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Induction line manager responsibilities guide

This document is used for guidance for line managers to work through an induction process for new members of staff.


Induction line manager responsibilities

This is guidance for Induction which managers / supervisors should use with new staff as part of their induction programme within the first few days, and certainly within the first two weeks of employment. Health and Safety items should be identified immediately. The new employee should be asked to tick each subject as he/she has been informed about it, and sign the end of the form. The manager / supervisor then sends the form to The HR Department for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.

Not all the following subjects are applicable to all departments. Should this be the case, record N/A on the checklist.

Please read the guidance notes below before completing this form.

Guidance Notes

Certain groups of staff have specific induction needs. the main groups are detailed below, with particular points to take account of, highlighted.


Staff with Disabilities

Disabilities include for example

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31 March 2021


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