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Absence improvement policy

This policy sets out how you can manage a robust process to highlight high absence levels with an individual to encourage improvememt, and document their response in a formal framework.

Most sickness is genuine and unauthorised absence may be caused by family commitments or stress. However, these situations are difficult to manage because they are often sudden and unexpected. This leaves some managers feeling unsure about what they can do.

Ultimately if this procedure is followed and no improvements are forthcoming, dismissal will be deemed to be a reasonable outcome.

Absence improvement


It is recognised by the Company that from time to time staff may require to be absent from their place of work due to illness. The length of time lost by employees through illness must however be monitored to ensure that each member of staff is able to do their job, effectively and without putting themselves or others at risk. It is not the intention of the Company to penalise the genuinely sick, however it must be recognised that an employee who is medically unfit to carry out his/her contractual duties may not be able continue in employment.


This policy is applicable to all employees of [company name].

General principles

Managers will consider cases of sickness absence on an individual basis and ensure the provision of appropriate support, advice and Occupational Health / Company Approved Doctor input where appropriate. However, it is recognised that in some cases, patterns/levels of absence will be unacceptable and formal management action will be required.

Employees who become aware that they have an illness problem are encouraged to inform their manager at the earliest opportunity. All such requests will be dealt with as speedily and compassionately as possible.


On return from absence all employees must be interviewed by their immediate line manager. At this interview the employee and the line manager must complete a Return to work interview form agreeing the reason for the absence, the period of absence and, where appropriate, what course of action is required as a result of the absence. This form must be signed by both parties before being forwarded to the employees personnel file

Stage 1

In situations where an employees sickness record is giving some cause for concern, then the employees Line Manager will discuss those concerns with the employee, providing support and counselling where appropri

The full Absence improvement policy will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 1 May 2022

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