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Dignity at work policy

Reviewed 2 October 2018

A model dignity at work policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Dignity at work


The Company believes that the working environment should at all times be supportive of the dignity and respect of individuals. If a complaint of harassment is brought to the attention of management, it will be investigated promptly and appropriate action will be taken.

What and How of Harassment

Harassment can be defined as conduct, which is unwanted and offensive and affects the dignity of an individual or group of individuals.

Sexual harassment is defined as behaviour characterised by the making of unwanted and unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation.

People can be subject to harassment on a wide variety of grounds including:

  • race, ethnic origin, nationality or skin colour
  • sex or sexual orientation
  • religious or political convictions
  • willingness to challenge harassment, leading to victimisation
  • disabilities, sensory impairments or

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