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Job description form template

An outline job description including the main headings to use, the role's main duties and who the employee will report to.

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Job description

Job title:


Reports to:


Job purpose

State the overall purpose of the role e.g. to provide secretarial and administration support to the management team and act as a first point of contact for clients contacting the office.



[Provide information about the duties the employee will be expected to undertake. You may also wish to state the expected time spent on each duty as a percentage]. List the essential important duties only - not everything, and the most important ones should be first. Use gender-neutral language.

  1. ...
  2. Include this line: You may be required to carry out other duties, as are within your capabilities and level of responsibility, in order to meet the needs of the business.


Performance criteria/Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

State how the post holders success will be measured.


Person specification

List the skills and qualities that someone in this role will require, such as: 

  • Education level.
  • Experience.
  • Specific skills.
  • Personal characteristics.
  • Qualifications.


Company core values

If you have them, state the core values of the company - these are important as it helps the post holder to understand the culture and the behaviour expected of them:


Progression opportunities

State what role would be the next step for progression.


Date created:


Last update

8 March 2021


If you have purchased the document, or if it is FREE, simply copy/email/download and replace any highlighted wording contained in "[ ]", with your details.

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